Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Beautiful Day!

It's an absolutely glorious day!! We had rain all day yesterday, and it just washed all of the yuck out of the air, and left today being one of those brilliant blue and green days!! Oh, I love it, love it!!! I was supposed to have had a phyical therapy appt. this a.m., but our road (which is being made into a road LOL) was completely blocked by a backhoe that had broken down smack dab in the middle of the road. No room to pass on either side of it, so I came on back home, called and rescheduled PT for in the a.m., stripped our bed, and tossed those sheets in the washer. Oh I would love to have tons of energy (like my dearly-loved sister and niece), but I don't, so I will grab it as it makes an occasional pass by me. :) I've even been in the process of trying to clear the dang island in the kitchen which is where EVERYTHING gets my dear husband-- as well as by me!! I really can't blame it all on him (*G*) cause I have one corner that catches all recipes, internet printouts, calendar, etc. I may even make some dust fly today---and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could actually see out of these big windows of ours ROFL to watch, to borrow dear Finn's words, Miss Autumn arriving in our neck of the woods!!! ROFL Too bad my windows are so dirty you can't see out of them!!! ROFLLLL Psst, a little secret here, lean closer now----I really really don't like cleaning house. There, the secret is out!! :) Do with it what you will. LOL I have had appts. all week so I had to let yesterday slip by without a word from me because I didn't get home until late and was so emotionally and physically drained, that I had nothing good to say, and no energy to say it with anyway LOL, so I just plopped down on the couch with my two new Australian Threads magazines that were in the mail yesterday until I dragged myself off to bed. :) And oh I must tell you they are both excellent issues. Of course, I want to make one of everything in them!!! I could live to be a couple of hundred years old, yes that's right, a COUPLE of HUNdRED years old, and I still would have a huge list of quilts and quilty items that I would want to make. I think I should just move in with Jeanne over at and enjoy all of her quilts. I have serious "quilt envy" over that woman's quilts. Lots and lots of them, she has!! And they are all gorgeous!!! :) I really would like to know how she gets them done so quickly. At some point I will have to write a bit about my friend that is only 64 and is suffering from Parkinsonism, and now Alzheimers, just to try and sort it out for myself. I saw her yesterday, and it had been quite some time since I had seen her, so the shock and sadness were tremendous. But that's for another day. Can't go there right now. I will just say that it reinforces for me that I must make the most of TODAY, enjoy every minute of whatever it holds, and leave tomorrow to tomorrow (which never really comes anyway). I apologize for the double picture post from day-before-yesterday. I had one &8*&* of a time getting them up there, and then Blogger decides you need to see duplicates! LOL I'm trying now to post a picture of my "boys": Dewey, Badger and Homer Kitty. I'll find some frontal views LOL at some point so you can see their sweet faces. :) I've also included a picture of a tiny little quilt that I recently made from leftover HSTs. Now I best get up from here...the day is passing as quickly as hummingbirds' wings move, and I have chores waiting to be done....and of course, fabrics that are calling to me that they want to be let out of the stash closet and put to use!! :)


Jeanne said...

Awwww, jeepers! (blushing)

Seriously, thanks Angie! It's taken me *quite a while* to have this many quilts finished ... and then there's the storage thing.

Glad you're having a Perky Day!
Jeanne :)

Finn said...

Hi Angie, seems to me that you are "perking" along just fine..*VBS* I know that at time the energy level is what controls our going and what we get done or don't.
But, you know, the advice you give about enjoying each day, and whatever it holds is excellent. I think you'll find that having the blog, which at times seems to be a HUGE drain hole for time, really is a blessing. You can post or read other anytime of the day or night. We seem to give each other inspiration and motivation. For right now, it's just fine that you are too. But I'll jump back in one of these days, full of energy and feeling good enough to get lots done. Our dear Jeanne is like wonderwoman in all that she accomplishes....*VBS* As is Bonnie at QUiltville and Judy L. at Sunshine Quilts. But that's them and this is us...lOL
Enjoy the day, sieze the moment, and give us any pictures you care to that are part of your life.
I don't always talk about quilts....memories are a big part of all of us. As are pets! Hugs, Finn

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Hiya Girly! :O)... Love the little furry kids you have there...the pocket doggies are just to cute, I can't wait to see the front sides of them :O)...Little dogs like that are so neat because you can just take them anywhere! and well no way my dog bullies would go for a kitty eating on the same placemat with them rofl...thinking it would be kitty snacks at my house sighhhh.......

Your threads magazine is it anything like the Austrailian Patchwork and Quilting magazine?
I drool over those everytime I see them, which isn't often... I recently bought at book (at Trade Days) that is all quilts from that Magazine...just yummmmmy stuff!

Libby said...

Isn't it fun to spend time leisurely leafing through a new magazine or two? I love when the new ones arrive.

Looks like your friends are enjoying themselves.

Katie said...

I saw your post and went right out to feed my big boy. He would eat beside a cat but not share his dish. And if the cat moved away with any food left, Kipper would woof it right down. Your critters look so nice.