Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Daily Happenings

The last post was actually written on the afternoon of September 11, 2006. I was doing some experimenting...should have posted it yesterday instead of waiting until today. Oh well... I have just gotten back from Physical Therapy. It's a wonderful day...breezy, overcast, a perfect day for getting some outside chores done. Randy and I actually got another truck-load of wood cut and stacked before dark last night. I LOVE the feeling that seeing the woodpile grow bigger gives me. :) I love those chilly days huddled by the fire. We didn't get our fireplace insert installed until this past January, so we haven't gotten tired of the work that's involved with a woodburner. Frankly, I don't think I will get tired of it. There's just something so cozy and homey about wood heat, and in this big house, this last January through April were the warmest we had been in it. I don't mind the extra dust and dirt. I grew up in the country with our main source of heat being a wood stove. So it also brings back childhood memories for me too. Not to mention the exercise we get from cutting/stacking and running back and forth to bring wood in when we actually have a fire going. Lord knows we need the exercise!! LOL I even got to do some cooking on it. :) So I'm getting my shorts and tennis shoes on and heading outside for a while before the rain. Maybe this evening I'll get a couple of pictures posted.

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Finn said...

Hey, that fire wood pile looks impressive! We heated a big farm house with wood back in the early 1980's and I loved it. The stove in the dining room, and a fireplace in the family room. I loved hearing the teakettle "sing" as it sat all day on the wood stove.
I loved that farm(a small holding of 20 acres actually) sooo much. Was so sorry to have the DH change jobs, and move to the opposite side of the state. Such is life I guess. Hugs for new beginnings, Finn