Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gorgeous Day

It's such a beautiful day that I've just had to be out in the flower beds (what flower beds??? they are completely taken over by weeds!!!) trying to separate the "wheat from the chaff". :D I'm definitely not a hot-weather person, and it was in the upper 90s here for weeks on end, so I huddled inside in my air-conditioning, being oh-so-grateful for the a/c but still feeling like I was living in a box. And oh my, did the weeds ever take hold amongst the flowers! :( I would much rather be outside piddling if I'm not piecing, quilting, rughooking, now crocheting rugs, or reading. And I also enjoy cooking, but one would have to ask: when do you cook or do housework??!! :) Oh, I'm so excited to have had comments posted! :) So tell me, just how fast does blogging become an obsession with one?? LOL You know, I've been reading blogs for most of this year now. I started with gardening blogs in January and followed them avidly until the last month or so, and then I found quilting blogs, and have been a huge fan of so many of you quilt bloggers. I must tell you that all of you have been a huge inspiration to me. I'm sending buckets of gratitude to my new-found friend, Finn, for encouraging me with my crocheted rug, and now with trying out blogging. Warm hugs to you, Finn, for all of the encouragement and help. I will definitely try adding a link later is afternoon. Here are the couple of pictures that Finn referred to in her comment. Well, it would have been but for some reason it doesn't want to let me. Keeps saying "cannot connect to Blogger". Hmmm, well I'm going back out to do more weeding, and will try to put some photos up later.


jenclair said...

I tried yesterday to comment on this post, but the word verification wasn't working...hard to put the right letters, in the right order when you can't see them!

Not that I had much to say--mainly that I, too, am trying desperately to get my garden back in shape. After nearly two years of neglect and the summer drought, it is more than a mess.

Angie said...

Thanks so much, jenclair, for your comments. I'm just beginning this blog and the last two days have really had a hard time with it. I'll check the verification and make sure it's working.
The post for yesterday never did show up on my end until this a.m. Thanks again.

Finn said...

Hi Angie..things are looking good! It gets easier as you go..*VBS* Altho Blogger does get the hiccups sometimes..LOL
The pictures above look great! I love both of them! Hugs,Finn

Tonya R said...

Hi Angie, thanks for visiting my blog.I think it took about two months for me to get totally obsessed with blogs and now that I have my own, I'm completely hooked. Don't worry about the verification problem that was occurring earlier - that's a blogger problem, nothing you did. We love blogger but it does sometimes go nutty.