Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Love Rainy Days...

and today is certainly one of those here at Ship's Landing. I love to snuggle in and work on hand applique, or prowl through quilt books/magazines, or read a novel (I read novels like a lot of people eat...the more the better! LOL) I have cut more strips for the rug that I posted a picture of yesterday. It's a polished cotton, and is a fabric that I bought YARDS of years ago when some store was going out of business. I've been wanting to rid my fabric closet of a FEW things , and when Finn so graciously shared the instructions for her crocheted rug, I knew that I had found the answer for this particular fabric. I'm currently also working on a rug that is rughooked with wool strips. And my closet runneth over with quilty UFOs. :) Needless to say, I could spend my time today playing with any number of things! I do want to get my Fall wallhangings/tablerunners out soon, too. So today, I'm going to go work on my crocheted rug a bit more, pull out some Fall decorations, and if I'm lucky I will have some time to also work on blocks for a Fall lap quilt which I started last week. I would love to have other blogs links listed in my sidebar; alas, I'm not at all adept at the inner workings of computers . As a matter of fact, I'm really really close to being computer illiterate, and I'm surprised that I managed to get this far in starting a blog. :) So if any of you out there in blogland have time to lend a hand, I could really use the help! Thanks! Angie

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Finn said...

Hi Angie, I can help with the sidebar stuff if nobody else offers. I had a dr. appointment this morning and a bit of a drive to get there and back.
And then at 1:30, I'm getting a perm.
But I'll give you the short version. Decided what blogs you want to list.
You will need the http://finnleah.blogspot.com/
You will also need to know what the blog is called. In my case, Pieces from my Scrapbag. Make sure you have the actual name including spaces and Capital letters.
Go to your template, and scroll down til you hit the place it says LINKS and shows you the GOOGLE NEWS and 2 edit me's. Thats the space they figure you would want to put a link to somewhere.
Following exactly type in the series of shapes the precede the Google news and whatever comes after it.Following whatever the beginning code is, and then the exact http:// etc.followed by the blog name exactly as it appears on the blog top.

Try just one the first time. So you have the template to refer to.
Once you've got it typed in, click on preview, it goes to your blog and shows you the change. You CAN'T click on the change yet at that point.
Close the blog window that they just opened to show you the "change" and when you are back at the template page, if you are satified, click on save changes. If not, click on the restore button, and the blog page will be unchanged.

Once I've added something, I go to my blog in a new window, and click on the link I just created to make sure it works.

If it does you are all set with ONE new sidebar link. If not, got back to the template and see if you missed one piece of their code, by double checking it's exactly like their edit me codes without the name change.

I'll check back later and see if that works for you. Or email me with any questions...but I will be gone til probably 3 or 3:30. Hugs, Finn