Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Grass Growing

I've been on the go all week, and will be gone from this afternoon until sometime Monday. So, I doubt that I will get any posts up before next week. I DID get my alternate block/border fabric for my leaf quilt in the mail yesterday! Really fast shipment. I'm glad to have it in hand so I can really get to work on my quilt next week. I did go to a quilt shop on Tuesday. :D They have TONS of different fabrics...a great shop with a a great selection. I think they also had fat quarters cut of about all of the different fabrics that they have in-shop, too. I was good...only bought a few FQs and a yard of an absolutely gorgeous red. Of course, my biggest weakness is books...and yes, I bought 3 (LOL)...I'll tell you which ones next week. :) Now I'm trying to gather up all of the quilty/rughooking/crocheting "stuff" that I will need with me for the weekend at my sister's. You would think I was going to be staying for a month if you could see this MOUNTAIN of things that are going with me. :) Everything but the kitchen sink, don't you know LOL, and she has one of those. :) I still only have 4 leaf blocks done, and one that's cut and ready to sew. I'm doing mine one at a time as the color speaks to me. I did finish crocheting a dishclothe that I made just to practice. Lord, if someone who really knew how to crochet were to look at it they would want to know if I had made up new stitches to use in crocheting!! LOL But it will do...after all, it's just to wash dishes with, for goodness sakes! LOL I had to practice a bit because that's one of the things that my sister asked me if I could teach her. Sure I Can!!! ROFL We'll just make the stitches up as we go!!!! ROFL I'm still working on my crocheted rug. I finished stripping the fabric that I'm using for it, and I may end up with about a 30" round...somewhere in that area. I'm really really happy with it. Don't know where I'll use it yet but I'm soooo excited that I learned how to do. Now, I want to learn to do an oval one. It was 40 degs!!! here this a.m. Chillllyyyy!! And I love it!!! The trees are just beginning to get a blush, and everything is starting to slow down outside. I do LOVE Fall....these chilly mornings make me anxious to fire up the wood stove. :) I'll keep the teapot simmering on it once it's time to start making our fires. And I'll be able to snuggle up by it with my books, and WIPs, and who knows, maybe even a UFO!!! :) Can't wait!! Gotta get some paperwork done for Randy, and get ready to head out the door. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I


Rabbit Stitchings said...

whew.. I am tired ... your a busy critter! Have a good time with your sister... how wonderful ya'll can get together and enjoy each others company!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Glad the crochet rug is going well. I had fun doing mine. Crochet is a bit like that - make it up as you go along

Finn said...

Hi Angie, hope the visit is a happy one! I'm sure you and your sister are going to have a blast with all your "new" skills, *VBS*.
When you get back, scoot over to Darcie's and scroll down a bit, she has a demo on an oval rug. Of course she forgot to tell how to increase, but I dropped her an email, and she's posted that now too. It's a great tutorial!! See you when you get back, Hugs, Finn