Sunday, September 10, 2006


Wool rughooked mug mats I'm having a hard time settling into anything today....well, with what's left of this day! I feel like I've been on the phone from the time I got out of bed this morning! I'm the youngest of 9--5 sisters, 3 brothers-- and as none of us are getting any younger (LOL), I usually try to check in with my oldest sister (since she lives closest to the rest of the bunch) to get an update on what's happening with all of them, and on the weekends I have free minutes. Add to that a friend that is going through marital difficulties, and I really HAVE been on the phone a lot today! :) So I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you since I really can't lay claim to any time spent quilting or doing rugs on this Sabbath day!! :) Well, an hour or more later from the writing this, it still won't let me have any more pictures to show you right now. So, maybe tomorrow, right?? :)


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Wool rug hooking another thing on my list of I want to learn!!!
I need to get 48 hours out of a 24 hour day? soooo much I want to do! many wonderful creative colorful things a person can do!!
Great job on your mug mats!! and there is that crocheted rug too.. oh my I better get busy!!! :O)...

Dana said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your anniversary wishes! I love your crocheted rug! That's always been something I want to try. I'll be checking up on you! :-)

Libby said...

Your mats are darling. I particularly like the acorn. Maybe because I'm a nut*s*

Finn said...

Hi Angie, the rug in the post above is looking just marvelous. It's almost not looking like you are doing it by hand..yup, it looks that good!!! *VBS*

And I like seeing your other hooking projects..different kind of hook of course, but just neat!! Love the bright colors. I still hope to learn needle punch, which seems to be a close relative of rug hooking and needlepoint, LOL.
There are times that Blogger seems to have more difficulties than other times. It seems to be on a "roll" of bad luck right now.
Why don't you type Picasa2 into your search engine and check out what it offers by way of getting pictures published at no charge.
I recently switched over to that one, as you can choose up to 4 pictures, load them one by one into the holding tray(and click "HOLD" as you put each one in) and then click on "blog this" and it will take you(after a few mintues for contact and processing) to the blogger post you use anyway. Then you put in your writing and hit publish.
I've had good luck with it, and no problems getting things to post..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Linda_J said...

Those little hooked rugs are adorable! Good job.

I'm with Finn on that Picassa thing---click and hold them in the tray first though. I think she was having troubles till I mentioned that part in passing. Now she is a whiz!