Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This morning I really couldn’t get anything accomplished (other than my Buddy out the door J) for thinking about 9-11-01 and all of the people in this world that have been affected by that. I personally think the world is probably even less safe now. And that’s a sad, scary thought.

I have been in my sewing room this afternoon!!! Yeaaaa! I could have been outside. Lord knows I surely need to work some more (a LOT more) on those weedbeds-uh, flowerbeds. J But I really just needed some time on the sewing machine, so I machine-quilted a bit on a pillow top. I’m not very proficient at machine-quilting, but I’ve about decided it really doesn’t matter because I’m the one that will be looking at it the most, and if it suits me, then it’s “good”. The front of the pillow has a big beehive with an even bigger flower (for Spring/Summer), and the other side is a pumpkin (for Fall). Now I need to quilt the pumpkin piece then put them together. I guess I should admit that these are also UFO’s LOL but, hey, better late than never!! This blogging business may be good for prodding me into actually finishing some of my quilty things if for no other reason than I need pictures for show-n-tell!!! LOL I have a sneaking suspicion that the more I machine-quilt the better I would get. It’s just a matter of making myself set up the machine for quilting, making up my mind that if I need another color thread it’s not a big deal to switch out the thread and bobbin. I don’t know what I think that’s such a hassle.

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Finn said...

Hi Angie, so nice to see you enjoying blogger. And good for you for giving the machine quilting try after try. You are right..it does get better with practice..*VBS* Hugs, Finn