Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Foggy/Rainy Day

Fog advisory again this morning. And more rain on the way. Neither of which bother me one bit. I love rainy days. I do hate that Randy has to be driving an hour each way to work on days like this tho. It's one of those days that I would love to just curl up with a good book and read all day. :D I'm reading Shem Creek by Dorothea Benton Frank right now, and I LOVE her low country books. Too bad there are so many things demanding my attention....I'll have to save it until I can crawl into my bed tonight. :) Here's one of those pesky dish clothes that I keep mentioning. I keep "practicing" on these things trying to get them square. LOL If I were to give them as gifts, I would want them to be square, right? Wonky's good for me but......So if any of you crocheters out there have any tips, just simple DC, I would really appreciate them. :) And Nita and Sug, here's a picture of that hummingbird that laid claim to this particular feeder. Every day he would just sit there and dare any others to try to feed from his feeder. It was so cute...I really miss them now that they have left for warmer climes. I'll be waiting and watching for their return next March. :D On a quilty note, I'm trying to figure out how to use Bloglines so that I can be notified when a blogger has a new post up. I'm spending HOURS prowling through that list of quilt bloggers on NancyQuilts! LOL I've registered but I can't figure out how to add or subscribe to the feeds that I want. So again, all help will be appreciated!! LOL And with that, I'm going to get my "required" back and leg exercises done for the day, and then maybe I'll pull out an applique UFO (Lord knows I have a few of those lurking around LOL) and play with that a while. I have not made any more progress on my H-A-D leaf quilt. It's just hanging out in the sewing room waiting for me to rediscover it. :D I can hear it calling to me but there's so much clutter back there right now, I just can't work on it. Someone posted a comment on yesterday's post that maybe I could set a timer for 15 minutes and work for just that amount of time on straightening up in there. Excellent idea....maybe I'll do that and THEN pull out that applique UFO. :) I can't wait to see what Tattered Rabbit is up to for her Fall quilt. She's over-dying fabrics with tan dye and she's not telling what that project will be, hint, hint ROFL.


Libby said...

A bully hummingbird - now that makes me laugh.

Finn said...

Hi Angie, I think your dishclothes are looking quite square! How square does one have to be, anyway???? All you need is for the height(number of rows) to equal the width(amount you chained) and it's square!
Flip the side up forming a triangle..that'll tell you when you have done enough rows..*VBS*

Love the hummer picture. They so rarely sit still for anything. Pretty amazing him defending his feeder...LOL
Take care of you, Hugs, Finn

Leah S said...


Open the page

On the left side there should be three tabs that say "My Feeds" "My blog" "Clippings".

Click on My Feeds.

Below it should say "add", click that.

On the right/center side, it should give you a spot to put the blog address in "Blog or URL feed". Do so. Click Subscribe.

Then you need to check the box to which version to subscribe to. I try to subscribe to the atom. (The other is RSS). Usually it's the most popular feed. Check that box and then "subscribe" or something similar.

Then you should have that blog on your list! Just click "my feeds" to see your blogs.

Hope that helps! :)

DubiQuilts said...

It is grey and rainy here in Chicagoland too.

Your dishclothe looks square to me.

soccertxi said...

I think the hummers come down to visit here in AZ. We usually have tons. I had to quit putting out a feeder as my walking rug dog would lick them after they ran into my living room windows. Poor birdies! They say if you have 2 feeders, you need to place them on opposite sides of the house. That way one hummer cannot watch both at the same time. VERY territorial! I hear one "chip chip' every morning.

Sheila said...

Angie, I had great success with blogarithm. I can import from my favorites and also import links from any web page.

Your hummingbird is cool. I'm going to try my best to attract them next year.