Friday, October 13, 2006

A Blue and Green Day

After a VERY chilly morning, with our first frost, it has turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL Fall day! Couldn't resist taking the pups out for a short walk...we all enjoyed just being outside in the fresh air. It was actually 26 deg. this a.m.---and tonight's temps are to be about the same! Early Winter! :D I am thinking that a fire in the stove would be a wonderful idea for tonight and in the early morning. :D I have felt so much better today. Even cut out a couple of leaf blocks but haven't sewn them yet. I've spent way too much time on the computer today catching up on all of my blog buddies. Have to seize the moment when Randy is out of the house....otherwise he's on here working. :) I tried to post a couple of pictures but blogger isn't cooperating, so maybe I can get them up tomorrow. Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Libby said...

Pull out a cozy quilt -- 26 degrees makes me say, 'Brrrr......'

Rabbit Stitchings said...

So glad to hear your feeling good!
In no time you won't be glowing green *G* and you will be 100% :O)

26 degrees... yes time for a fire!!! No where near that cool here yet...

QuiltingFitzy said...

Angie, thanks for the comment on my blog!

Keep up some progress on those blocks, it will make you feel much better to accomplish something.


Finn said...

Hi Angie, just left you a comment down in your "I'm back" post also.

Glad to hear you got the short walk in, but just enjoying the day on the porch isn't all bad you know!!!
Keep smiling my friend, we'll wait it out with you. Sorry about the gloves, but if it does the trick..ya know? Big hugs, FInn

Andi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your pumkin quilts. Can't wait to see the leaves!