Sunday, October 01, 2006

Need Help, Please

Can someone tell me how to change where you post your comments section from the bottom to the side? I've prowled through everything, but can't find the place that let's me make this choice. Thanks bunches.


Fiona said...

Hi Angie, thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately I am no help whatsoever in the technical department (took me several months to figure out how to do a shortcut and even then it was only because Nancy gave me foolproof instructions). ~Enjoyed looking through your blog though!

Katie said...

My blog keeps moving the stuff to the bottom too. Something about the size of the posting, so I'm told. Sorry I can't help more.

Linda_J said...

Is there a blog somewhere that has this setup that you like and can look at the code. I have a feeling that you don't have a lot of choice in the matter because I have the same initial template as you do. The cascading style sheet already has it set up this way. I sure don't enough about those yet to tell you how to do it, if you can that is.