Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mantel and Christmas Tree

We had a wonderful visit with my brother, Den, and my sister(-in-law), Vickie. And of course, Den did an excellent job with the mantel. We LOVE it!! We actually didn't realize how 'unfinished' the fireplace looked until Den got it mounted for us. Of course, I put a couple of Santas up there right away, and Den made an adjustment on one of my oil lamps for me, and then I put a pair of them up. Now I'm going to get my stockings and hang them, and then I'll take another picture. :D

I had made a couple of loaves of sourdough bread, a big pot of beef stew, and of course fudge in anticipation of their visit. I also mixed up a batch of gingersnap cookies, which are Randy's favorites. :) We ate lots LOL and watched the movie, "A Christmas Story" on TV on Friday night. Yesterday, we put the finish on the mantel and got it up, then headed out for a 'walk about'. We discovered mistletoe in a couple of trees here at the house, and had to go check it out. :D I haven't seen mistletoe growing in the "wild" since I was little, so I was really excited about it. We decided to just leave it as it is and admire it in it's natural habitat. :)

The Santa on the bench was made by my friend, Evonne. It's one of my favorite things to get out for Christmas, along with the two elf dolls, one of which is a wind-up and her head moves which Glorie gave me a couple of years ago, and the one standing that she gave me this year. I LOVE elves. I have quite a few that I get out each year, but this year I really haven't gotten that many of my decorations out. Just haven't had the energy for it, although I've certainly had the enthusiasm! I'm ALWAYS one big kid at Christmas. LOL

The last picture in the bunch is my brother, Denson, and my sister (IL), Vickie.


Sweet P said...

What a nice brother you have. The fireplace looks wonderful and you have a cool collection of Santas and elves.

Tazzie said...

Your mantle looks lovely, a wonderful place to display your favourite things.
What a gorgeous tree, I love all your decorations.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Hey girly, the kitchen curtains are cute as bugs ears! Your very creative to use the kitchen towels! :O)

I love all the quilty Christmas things you have listed in the last several postings...I am so very, very behind on blog reading...

Nice mantle too!!

You have been pretty busy it looks and sounds like to me!!

Hope your Thyroid gets better so no surgery!!

I will try to do better with my blog reading, but it may be after the first of the year...we still do not know about this house stuff, that has come up... time will tell as they say... it usually does!

Nadine said...

Beautiful mantelpiece and Christmas tree !


Sigruns German Garden said...

Angie, your Christmas-tree ist like our traditional trees in Germany.


Libby said...

Your tree is just right -- I love it and Santa and his helpers, too. It just doesn't feel like Christmas until we have watched A Christmas Story. . . Ho Ho Ho!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...
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DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Your tree is beautiful! The mantel did turn out great. Your brother did a very good job.

Dawn said...

Oh what a great brother and beautiful fireplace and tree! I just ended up over here trying to catch up on my blogs and am so glad I found you! I've been kind of out of the loop lately with nasty, nasty bronchitis, so I'm hoping to catch up soon!

Lois R. said...

Pretty mantel! Can you send your brother up here to help me with my mantel. I have an old barn beam for a mantel and I want something more refined/less rustic.

I love your tree. It looks so similar to how I decorate my tree. I love the icicles. And I just noticed that you have the same reindeer ornament that I have (white with red antlers). I forget what his name was, but I bought him from Avon about 20 years ago. I love him.

Isabelle said...

Yes, very Christmassy. Lovely!

Finn said...

Hi Angie, long time no see..and I do mean that literally..LOL. But I'm gradually getting back to the reading and posting. The new mantle is just gorgeous! I love how you decorated it. You tree is also spectacular. You did a great job.
Love the little snowman of the last post also! Hugs, Finn