Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Beautiful Day

Here's another one of my Fall wall quilts. I love the colors in this one. The purple just adds a sparkle. Purple, like red, is a neutral, right??? :) I really want to be outside piddling today...the wind is blowing, but the sun is so warm. Makes me think about how I'll be wishing for days like this when February and March are here. However, between the thyroid mess and my heart going wacky, I've been ordered by the dr. to just take it easy. Needless to say, I would ignore that to a large degree *G* if I had the energy to, and if my family weren't continually reminding me NOT to do anything. So here I am, feeling as worthless as an old bluetick hound that's treed his last 'coon. Reminds me of that TV show, HeeHaw. :) I've spent my morning looking for a quilt pattern that I KNOW is in one of these gazillion magazines or books that I have, and I still can't run it down. It's a pumpkin quilt...can see it as plain as day in my mind...and after seeing Screen Doors' quilt, with "pumpkin" pieced, and not having gotten up the courage to try LazyGal's method yet, I really wanted to see how they had pieced the letters in the one I remember being in one of these mags. I want to make some more leaves for my Hour-A-Day quilt too. I should just go work on that. Nah, that should wait until dark, when I can't be outside. Maybe I should just go to the porch and finish my rag rug. I'm really anxious to try an oval rag rug, and I'm NOT starting that until I've completely finished this round one. I've been trying to get the crocheted dishclothes fine tuned too. I'm really not very good at any of these hobbies that I have *S*, but oh I do enjoy TRYING. :) We have gotten us a tractor!!! And now Randy is out bushhogging around our barn. :) That man had never even been on a tractor until last you should see him...he's having a ball. I just hope he will not attempt the hill yet. And I hope that he remembers to stop and check the fuel....he's very likely to run out since the gauge isn't working properly. LOL Den, I need one of Daddy's old oil cans and also one of his old grease guns. :) I told Randy I KNOW you will have one of each for us. ;) Could get new ones, but would rather have an antique!! :) Now, we can get us a horse and a cow!!! I would love to have one of each!! I'm going outside in the sunshine now. Hope every one has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


We just had one whopper of a storm!!! The hail piled up like it had snowed and the temps dropped 15 degs. We even lost power for a while. There I was with an oil lamp in the middle of the afternoon (it was so dark) chopping up my salad veggies that I had just brought in from the grocery store. I'm on a strict diet for 2 weeks prepping for a test on Oct. 9 and 10, and about all I can eat are fruits and veggies. ;) Don't ya know this ole girl will lose some weight!!! LOL I'm so glad I got that shopping out of the way before the storms came. I don't like lightening but I love storms (especially when I'm in my house LOL). The biggest problem is that my Badger baby freaks out when it storms. We have to give him doggie valium, so I'm always relieved for his sake when they're over. I'm in the process of trying to clear off my cutting table so I can make another leaf block or two. I have so many books, magazines and fabrics piled up that there's just no room for me to work. :( Time, AGAIN, for a major pick-up and straighten-up in there. The biggest problem is that I have literally run out of anywhere to move it to!!! Guess I'm really going to have to get busy, cut it up, and make quilts and rugs to clear it out!!!! LOL I have nothing that could come close to comparing to Screen Door's Fall quilts (which I absolutely LOVE!!!), but I have a few Fall wallhangings. So I'm sticking in a picture of of my favorite one. The other picture is just to prove that I had my sister's dining room table covered, and my sister hard at work last week. We had a great time.....but did it ever go fast!!!! And she will want to hang me since she's partially in the picture (and don't you know, she's camera-shy ;) ). I'm headed back into my sewing room again. I'm leaving instructions for my hubby to come dig me out if he hasn't seen or heard from me in an hour. LOL

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Under the Weather

It's been an absolutely glorious day here at Ships' Landing!! Starting with the fog early this a.m. , chilly temps, warming up for shorts and a tee shirt, digging up herbs and potting them in preparation of colder weather this week, to much cooler temps again tonight! :) All I've accomplished today is getting some of the herbs into pots and crocheting. I've almost finished my rug, and I've been crocheting a dishcloth today as well. Just swapping from one to the other. I'll post pictures of the rug when it's DONE DONE. :) I've been given orders by the dr. to take it easy. Plus, he put me on some meds that are making me sooooo sleepy I can hardly stand myself. I've wandered in and out of my sewing room today but didn't even pick up my rotary cutter. Should have gone to the store for fruits and veggies that I will be eating for the next two weeks, and just didn't have the energy for that either. Maybe tomorrow, right? For now, I'm going to have a coffee on the porch and do some more crocheting as I wait for the sun to set. :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm Home!!

I had a FAST, FUN and FURIOUS weekend with my sister...left her on Sunday evening with lots of projects to tinker with as the mood moves her...and I feel that she has fun things to occupy her time as she SITS and lets that ankle heal! You are reading this, right, Nita??? LOL They fed me lots of wonderful food--the last of their green beans and tomatoes from their garden, along with other goodies. :) I left leaving several things undone that I had hoped to do for her before flying out the door---alas, the time flew by like leaves in the wind. :) Spent Sunday night with another sister on the way home so I could make an 8:00 a.m. dr. appt. yesterday morning. Came rolling in here about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. My "boys" were soooo glad to see me. It's always such a wonderful greeting by my wienie boys when I've been gone. Just no other love like that of 4-legged "kids"!! :) I've shooed the hubby out the door for work, and I'm trying to get everything unpacked and back in a spot of it's own. This is a big job because, you see, I took everything but the kitchen sink with me for my sister to play with this weekend!! :) Just had my friend in Bristol call to ask if I wanted to go back to Knoxville with her either this afternoon or tomorrow to deliver a car to her daughter......AND we could go back to the quilt shop that we went to last Tuesday. Temptations just keep being put in my path!!! And I know that I HAVE to put the brakes on my quilty toy purchases!!!! Oh, what's a body to do???? LOL (Well, GO, OF COURSE!! ROFL) I have to get some chores done now, but just wanted to say that I'm back home. I missed reading all of my new friends' blogs, so as the day passes I'll run in here and read a few at a time to catch up with what everyone has been into. Maybe I can get some pictures posted tonight. Oh, Shan and Rina, if you read this, the beach pictures were wonderful!!! Oh, I do wish we could have all been there!! Looked like you guys had such a great time!! More later.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Grass Growing

I've been on the go all week, and will be gone from this afternoon until sometime Monday. So, I doubt that I will get any posts up before next week. I DID get my alternate block/border fabric for my leaf quilt in the mail yesterday! Really fast shipment. I'm glad to have it in hand so I can really get to work on my quilt next week. I did go to a quilt shop on Tuesday. :D They have TONS of different fabrics...a great shop with a a great selection. I think they also had fat quarters cut of about all of the different fabrics that they have in-shop, too. I was good...only bought a few FQs and a yard of an absolutely gorgeous red. Of course, my biggest weakness is books...and yes, I bought 3 (LOL)...I'll tell you which ones next week. :) Now I'm trying to gather up all of the quilty/rughooking/crocheting "stuff" that I will need with me for the weekend at my sister's. You would think I was going to be staying for a month if you could see this MOUNTAIN of things that are going with me. :) Everything but the kitchen sink, don't you know LOL, and she has one of those. :) I still only have 4 leaf blocks done, and one that's cut and ready to sew. I'm doing mine one at a time as the color speaks to me. I did finish crocheting a dishclothe that I made just to practice. Lord, if someone who really knew how to crochet were to look at it they would want to know if I had made up new stitches to use in crocheting!! LOL But it will do...after all, it's just to wash dishes with, for goodness sakes! LOL I had to practice a bit because that's one of the things that my sister asked me if I could teach her. Sure I Can!!! ROFL We'll just make the stitches up as we go!!!! ROFL I'm still working on my crocheted rug. I finished stripping the fabric that I'm using for it, and I may end up with about a 30" round...somewhere in that area. I'm really really happy with it. Don't know where I'll use it yet but I'm soooo excited that I learned how to do. Now, I want to learn to do an oval one. It was 40 degs!!! here this a.m. Chillllyyyy!! And I love it!!! The trees are just beginning to get a blush, and everything is starting to slow down outside. I do LOVE Fall....these chilly mornings make me anxious to fire up the wood stove. :) I'll keep the teapot simmering on it once it's time to start making our fires. And I'll be able to snuggle up by it with my books, and WIPs, and who knows, maybe even a UFO!!! :) Can't wait!! Gotta get some paperwork done for Randy, and get ready to head out the door. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I just received an email that my border fabric for my leaf quilt will ship tomorrow --- and I should have it in 2-3 days!!!!! I had asked to be notified if they did NOT have the full amount of yardage that I had asked for. No mention that they didn't, so hopefully it will all arrive here by Wednesday or Thursday! Yeee Haaaaa *VBG* Now, of course, there's no telling when the quilt will actually be ready for border---or for that matter, the alternate block, which I need this fabric for also. *G* But it will be soooo good just to have it in my possession, won't it??? :D

Rug and Leaf Update

My rug is now at 24" and growing. :) And I now have 4 leaves. :)

Hour-A-Day Leaf Quilt

I'm joining Judy in the hour-a-day leaf quilt, and have pieced 3 leaves so far. I had to make a fabric run yesterday LOL for 4 yards of background fabric (didn't want to have to think/choose in making a scrappy background). Got home with 4 yards of one fabric which I decided was too dark for some of my leaf fabrics, sooooo chose another BG fabric which I only have 2 yards of, so guess I get to do tomorrow.....yup, I get to go buy 2 more yards!!! LOL Here's a picture of the first block I made. More pics later. I've not had any luck getting to the computer the last couple of days, hence no post. When I have more time, I will post pictures of the leaves I've done so far. Every Fall I want a leaf quilt and have just never settled into making me one. Thought this would be the ideal time....also the first time I've ever joined in on anything online, so it should be lots of fun. I'm always apprehensive that if I commit in word online to participating in some challenge that I will end up feeling pressured, or feel like I'm not as fast as everyone else, or any number of things....ROFL.....This should be good for me. This block pattern is really quick and easy to make...and I'm working on the leaves before I get to the alternate block got it, had to find and order online an older line of fabric that I wanted for my alternate block and border, and I only had 2 yards of it. LOL It's another gorgeous day here in Tennessee, and I have a stack of quilt books waiting for me to prowl through out on the porch. Will have to get up off my rump pretty soon and get some paperwork ready that Randy needs for work tomorrow. It's going to be a really busy week in a lot of ways. He has work every day this week which requires lots of paperwork on my part. I have two more Physical Therapy sessions this coming week, on Wednesday I'm going to go spend the afternoon with my friend that has Parkinsonism and Alheizers, then on Friday morning I have an appt. with a neurosurgeon about my back. As soon as I finish that appt., I'm heading up the road 3 hrs to my sister's house (she has a broken ankle and is supposed to stay still...yeah, sure) to help her get started on an appliqued snowman kit that she bought a couple of years ago and didn't know what to do with. Also she wants me to show her how to make a raggy flannel quilt. She's not a quilter, but would like to learn. Anyone have a good online addy for beginner's quilting 101? :) That's it for now...I want to spend a while on the porch with my books and a fresh cup of coffee. Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jeanne's Link

Okay, Jeanne's link is screwed up so let's try this : and see what happens. I think this one works....

A Beautiful Day!

It's an absolutely glorious day!! We had rain all day yesterday, and it just washed all of the yuck out of the air, and left today being one of those brilliant blue and green days!! Oh, I love it, love it!!! I was supposed to have had a phyical therapy appt. this a.m., but our road (which is being made into a road LOL) was completely blocked by a backhoe that had broken down smack dab in the middle of the road. No room to pass on either side of it, so I came on back home, called and rescheduled PT for in the a.m., stripped our bed, and tossed those sheets in the washer. Oh I would love to have tons of energy (like my dearly-loved sister and niece), but I don't, so I will grab it as it makes an occasional pass by me. :) I've even been in the process of trying to clear the dang island in the kitchen which is where EVERYTHING gets my dear husband-- as well as by me!! I really can't blame it all on him (*G*) cause I have one corner that catches all recipes, internet printouts, calendar, etc. I may even make some dust fly today---and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could actually see out of these big windows of ours ROFL to watch, to borrow dear Finn's words, Miss Autumn arriving in our neck of the woods!!! ROFL Too bad my windows are so dirty you can't see out of them!!! ROFLLLL Psst, a little secret here, lean closer now----I really really don't like cleaning house. There, the secret is out!! :) Do with it what you will. LOL I have had appts. all week so I had to let yesterday slip by without a word from me because I didn't get home until late and was so emotionally and physically drained, that I had nothing good to say, and no energy to say it with anyway LOL, so I just plopped down on the couch with my two new Australian Threads magazines that were in the mail yesterday until I dragged myself off to bed. :) And oh I must tell you they are both excellent issues. Of course, I want to make one of everything in them!!! I could live to be a couple of hundred years old, yes that's right, a COUPLE of HUNdRED years old, and I still would have a huge list of quilts and quilty items that I would want to make. I think I should just move in with Jeanne over at and enjoy all of her quilts. I have serious "quilt envy" over that woman's quilts. Lots and lots of them, she has!! And they are all gorgeous!!! :) I really would like to know how she gets them done so quickly. At some point I will have to write a bit about my friend that is only 64 and is suffering from Parkinsonism, and now Alzheimers, just to try and sort it out for myself. I saw her yesterday, and it had been quite some time since I had seen her, so the shock and sadness were tremendous. But that's for another day. Can't go there right now. I will just say that it reinforces for me that I must make the most of TODAY, enjoy every minute of whatever it holds, and leave tomorrow to tomorrow (which never really comes anyway). I apologize for the double picture post from day-before-yesterday. I had one &8*&* of a time getting them up there, and then Blogger decides you need to see duplicates! LOL I'm trying now to post a picture of my "boys": Dewey, Badger and Homer Kitty. I'll find some frontal views LOL at some point so you can see their sweet faces. :) I've also included a picture of a tiny little quilt that I recently made from leftover HSTs. Now I best get up from here...the day is passing as quickly as hummingbirds' wings move, and I have chores waiting to be done....and of course, fabrics that are calling to me that they want to be let out of the stash closet and put to use!! :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the Rain Came

I actually did get some weeding done. And it felt soooo good outside. The weather bug tells me it's only 72 right now and I am loving it!!! Hate, hate, hate 90+!!! Oh, RabbitStitches (and all of you other TX folk), I do feel for you with that heat that you have that just KEEPS HANGING ON! I'm sure we will get some more really warm days before Winter sets in but I am certainly going to enjoy this temperate weather all I can. :) The windows are open, the breeze blowing, my Fall curtains (LOL actually made out of kitchen towels LOL) over the sink in the kitchen flapping in the wind. Oh, I want to go sit on my lakeside porch with a fresh cup of coffee, work on my crocheted rug, and watch it rain! We, too, have had so little rain this Summer that it's a treat when it does happen. :) I finished quilting the two pieces for my Summer/Fall pillow, have it mostly stuffed (trying to decide if I want it any fatter---sometimes I prefer them not so stuffed), and decided I had to post pics now. You see, I hand-appliqued both pieces LAST year (grins), but I do believe this dang blogging deal is going to push me into finishing stuff just so I can prove to the world (or maybe just to myself) that I actually DO finish things!! :) As I said before, my machine-quilting is certainly not going to win any awards, but I really do need the practice because I hand-appliqued and stabilized on the machine an oversized twin quilt that I intended to be all mine, and I am determined that I am going to finish machine-quilting it. Don't ask how long ago I made the's been long enough that I would have to look the date up in my records to tell you!!! ROFL I want to do some emails, and I need to decide what, if anything :), we can have for dinner, so I'm going to try to get the photos posted. That alone could take a while.

Daily Happenings

The last post was actually written on the afternoon of September 11, 2006. I was doing some experimenting...should have posted it yesterday instead of waiting until today. Oh well... I have just gotten back from Physical Therapy. It's a wonderful day...breezy, overcast, a perfect day for getting some outside chores done. Randy and I actually got another truck-load of wood cut and stacked before dark last night. I LOVE the feeling that seeing the woodpile grow bigger gives me. :) I love those chilly days huddled by the fire. We didn't get our fireplace insert installed until this past January, so we haven't gotten tired of the work that's involved with a woodburner. Frankly, I don't think I will get tired of it. There's just something so cozy and homey about wood heat, and in this big house, this last January through April were the warmest we had been in it. I don't mind the extra dust and dirt. I grew up in the country with our main source of heat being a wood stove. So it also brings back childhood memories for me too. Not to mention the exercise we get from cutting/stacking and running back and forth to bring wood in when we actually have a fire going. Lord knows we need the exercise!! LOL I even got to do some cooking on it. :) So I'm getting my shorts and tennis shoes on and heading outside for a while before the rain. Maybe this evening I'll get a couple of pictures posted.

This morning I really couldn’t get anything accomplished (other than my Buddy out the door J) for thinking about 9-11-01 and all of the people in this world that have been affected by that. I personally think the world is probably even less safe now. And that’s a sad, scary thought.

I have been in my sewing room this afternoon!!! Yeaaaa! I could have been outside. Lord knows I surely need to work some more (a LOT more) on those weedbeds-uh, flowerbeds. J But I really just needed some time on the sewing machine, so I machine-quilted a bit on a pillow top. I’m not very proficient at machine-quilting, but I’ve about decided it really doesn’t matter because I’m the one that will be looking at it the most, and if it suits me, then it’s “good”. The front of the pillow has a big beehive with an even bigger flower (for Spring/Summer), and the other side is a pumpkin (for Fall). Now I need to quilt the pumpkin piece then put them together. I guess I should admit that these are also UFO’s LOL but, hey, better late than never!! This blogging business may be good for prodding me into actually finishing some of my quilty things if for no other reason than I need pictures for show-n-tell!!! LOL I have a sneaking suspicion that the more I machine-quilt the better I would get. It’s just a matter of making myself set up the machine for quilting, making up my mind that if I need another color thread it’s not a big deal to switch out the thread and bobbin. I don’t know what I think that’s such a hassle.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Morning Blues

Sorry this is so blurred---taken through window with zoom You can't read it but it's at 18" :D A couple of WIPs :) Don't you just love having your week start with a phone call at 9:00 a.m. asking if your husband is on his way to a 9 a.m. meeting that you have marked "cancelled" on your calendar??? And of course, the writing was in MY handwriting!!! :) Okay, sent him off to his "cancelled" meeting, now I can get on with the rest of my day of remembrance of September 11, 2001. It's so hard to believe that this actually happened...and happened 5 years ago!! Such a tragedy! I kept trying yesterday afternoon to get these two pictures posted but Blogger simply would not cooperate. So here they are. My crocheted rug is actually up to 21" now. Yee Haa! And I'm finally making some progress with my hooked rug. Would like to make the ground look like snow, so will change the flower on it to a pine tree. I don't think the flower that is on it would actually be growing in the snow. :) The first picture is of deer eating from my birdfeeder!! Sorry it's so blurry---still learning how to use my digital camera, and it was taken from inside looking out the window. I'm still not having much luck with getting my posts published. So I think I'll go do some chores and try again later today.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Wool rughooked mug mats I'm having a hard time settling into anything today....well, with what's left of this day! I feel like I've been on the phone from the time I got out of bed this morning! I'm the youngest of 9--5 sisters, 3 brothers-- and as none of us are getting any younger (LOL), I usually try to check in with my oldest sister (since she lives closest to the rest of the bunch) to get an update on what's happening with all of them, and on the weekends I have free minutes. Add to that a friend that is going through marital difficulties, and I really HAVE been on the phone a lot today! :) So I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you since I really can't lay claim to any time spent quilting or doing rugs on this Sabbath day!! :) Well, an hour or more later from the writing this, it still won't let me have any more pictures to show you right now. So, maybe tomorrow, right?? :)
I want to thank everyone for your warm welcome to Blogland. I've listed Finn in my sidebar as she gently pulled me out of my cubbyhole here and into this big open space called a "Blog". LOL I've also linked in my sidebar because she has all of the quilty blogs on her sidebar that I go visiting in. Thank you, Nancy, for including me in this group of wonderful people! :) And LindaJ, many many thanks for sending me such detailed instructions for adding links in my sidebar! It was just what I needed as I'm almost completely computer illiterate!! ROFLOL I do want to say that I thoroughly enjoy all of the blogs that Nancy has listed, and believe it or not, I make my rounds through them just about every day! Doesn't leave a lot of time for chores (yuk) or quilting or hooking or cooking---why am I setting all of this out---every one of you knows EXACTLY what I mean-- time-wise!!!!!! ROFLOL Thanks to all of you once again!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Taste of Fall is in the Air

It's Saturday morning---a touch of Fall is in the air--and I love it!! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love everything about it...snuggling in my flannels on the porch in the chill air with my first cup of coffee. Time to think about putting the garden to bed for the coming Winter, chopping wood so we will have stacks of it for our woodburner when the winds grow really cold, scurrying around like squirrels to gather in the harvest. I've been running the last couple of weeks for drs. appts. which I hate doing. I'm really a hermit, and quite content to stay in my nest for weeks on end. I never feel like I'm missing out on anything by staying home. I've had my days of running hither and yon. Now, I just want to play in my fabric, wear out my quilt books and mags dreaming over all of those wonderful quilts that I would love to make. And, of course, now I'm thinking in terms of tons of yardage (oh no, not my "stash" for a rug---I might need "it" for that really really special quilt that I'm always making "some day" :D) for crocheting rugs. :) I think I've gotten to about 18" on my rug now. Would have had a lot more done if I hadn't had to do those necessary things like going to the grocery store, vet, doctor, etc. *S* I'm watching my hummingbirds dwindle daily. I now only have a couple that haven't flown off for their wintering in South America. I have two feeders now, and I've had 15 of those delightful little creatures feeding at a time this summer. I watch for them to return in the Spring, and I'm always a bit melancholy to see them go. I must get up from here and pick up some clutter. I met a "weekend" neighbor yesterday, and was trying to entice her and her daughter to come play with me. :) I would love to have a quilting/rughooking buddy close by. They may or may not show up today to check out my "toys", but if they came this very minute, I would most definitely be embarrassed....quilt books and magazines cover the coffee table, rugs (both "in progress" hooking and crocheting) are in the livingroom floor, dog toys tossed around willy-nilly, the island covered with cookbooks and recipes that I've printed from blogs....well, you get the picture, right?? In my estimation-- a disaster!! LOL

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Think It's Straightened Out Now! :)

Maybe, maybe the kinks are worked out now? :) The picture in the previous post shows where I spend most of my time. :D And here's my view when I look up from my book, or crocheting, or hooking, or appliquing, etc. :) Now that my computer is cooperating, I will post more later. I have to make a run for some pet meds and food (for us and for my four-legged 'children' :) .

Blogging Difficulties

I really did do a nice post for yesterday, and I have no idea where it landed in space. LOL So I'm only experimenting with this post, for now, to see if it lands on my blog. :) If it does, then I will post more for today. Hmmm, well, it did let me include a photo with this one, so maybe it's going to be okay today. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gorgeous Day

It's such a beautiful day that I've just had to be out in the flower beds (what flower beds??? they are completely taken over by weeds!!!) trying to separate the "wheat from the chaff". :D I'm definitely not a hot-weather person, and it was in the upper 90s here for weeks on end, so I huddled inside in my air-conditioning, being oh-so-grateful for the a/c but still feeling like I was living in a box. And oh my, did the weeds ever take hold amongst the flowers! :( I would much rather be outside piddling if I'm not piecing, quilting, rughooking, now crocheting rugs, or reading. And I also enjoy cooking, but one would have to ask: when do you cook or do housework??!! :) Oh, I'm so excited to have had comments posted! :) So tell me, just how fast does blogging become an obsession with one?? LOL You know, I've been reading blogs for most of this year now. I started with gardening blogs in January and followed them avidly until the last month or so, and then I found quilting blogs, and have been a huge fan of so many of you quilt bloggers. I must tell you that all of you have been a huge inspiration to me. I'm sending buckets of gratitude to my new-found friend, Finn, for encouraging me with my crocheted rug, and now with trying out blogging. Warm hugs to you, Finn, for all of the encouragement and help. I will definitely try adding a link later is afternoon. Here are the couple of pictures that Finn referred to in her comment. Well, it would have been but for some reason it doesn't want to let me. Keeps saying "cannot connect to Blogger". Hmmm, well I'm going back out to do more weeding, and will try to put some photos up later.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Love Rainy Days...

and today is certainly one of those here at Ship's Landing. I love to snuggle in and work on hand applique, or prowl through quilt books/magazines, or read a novel (I read novels like a lot of people eat...the more the better! LOL) I have cut more strips for the rug that I posted a picture of yesterday. It's a polished cotton, and is a fabric that I bought YARDS of years ago when some store was going out of business. I've been wanting to rid my fabric closet of a FEW things , and when Finn so graciously shared the instructions for her crocheted rug, I knew that I had found the answer for this particular fabric. I'm currently also working on a rug that is rughooked with wool strips. And my closet runneth over with quilty UFOs. :) Needless to say, I could spend my time today playing with any number of things! I do want to get my Fall wallhangings/tablerunners out soon, too. So today, I'm going to go work on my crocheted rug a bit more, pull out some Fall decorations, and if I'm lucky I will have some time to also work on blocks for a Fall lap quilt which I started last week. I would love to have other blogs links listed in my sidebar; alas, I'm not at all adept at the inner workings of computers . As a matter of fact, I'm really really close to being computer illiterate, and I'm surprised that I managed to get this far in starting a blog. :) So if any of you out there in blogland have time to lend a hand, I could really use the help! Thanks! Angie

Monday, September 04, 2006

Here is a picture of the most recent wallhanging that I've made....and.....a crocheted rug that fellow blogger, Finn, was instrumental in helping me get started.

Can it really be...

I am going to give this blogging business a whirl and see where it takes me. I'm not very good at putting words on paper, but have been reading others' blogs for quite a while now, and thoroughly enjoy them.