Thursday, January 11, 2007

Out of Sync

I've pretty much been out of sync with the world for the last several days. Yesterday was spent in going to the dr, and we all know how long that takes. Nothing new to report other than blood levels were coming down some (which is a good thing), but the mass really hadn't changed any. So, without any answers to the questions that I had, he sent me on my way and will see me back in 2 months. So, what do you do???? Go home, and carry on. ;p Randy also had a dr. appt. for his eye. He has a severe inflammation and the meds they had given him last week had not worked like they had hoped, so they doubled the meds, and he goes back to them next week. They told him that if these medicines don't work, they will have to send him to a rheumatologist. For an inflammation of the eye????? Anybody ever heard of this? We are completely in the dark on this one (no pun intended LOL).

It actually snowed here day before yesterday; not much but enough to whet my appetite for a good hard snow! I had to go out and stand in it and take pictures of it coming down, of course! :D

I'm working on my angel wallhanging (pictures another day). I hate to say I haven't started my Applique Designs yet, but I'm still planning on getting into those. :)

Hope everyone has had a good week so far. ;P


Lois R. said...

Sorry to hear about the health news...

That's some fine looking snow. That's about all we have had this year is a light dusting. Just seems unnatural...

Tazzie said...

I'm so sorry that health issues are dragging you both down, hopefully things will be back on track soon. Thank you for sharing the snow picture, it's something I'd love to see here someday ... funny to think while it's so hot here that it's super cold on the other side of the world!

Carol said...

Hi Angie
Sorry your health news wasn't more encouraging...please take care. Did your package arrive?

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Whio do Drs take so long to give us answers. The wait is sometimes so much harder than being sick.

Feel better and do only what you can, don't push your self. Love you!

Libby said...

I hope the doctors are able to give you some answers soon. I'm sure it's an anxious time for you.

Can't wait to see that angel, though *s*

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

I detest health challenges - 2006 was a very rough year for me with some challenges. One has been resolved and the other is still lingering with no answers! Sigh!

You and yours are in my thoughts, Angie.

Like you I haven't started my Applique Delights project either but soon. :-)

May Britt said...

Hope your health will be better soon. And you get a chance to start on the A D
I got snow too last night. It is so beautiful. But they say it will start raining during the day. I hope not.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I saw a flake or two on Tuesday, only blowing in the breezes though; they never landed on the ground. I understand your anxiety, hopefully your health concerns can be attended to in a timely matter so that you can get back to your life!

Beemoosie said...

the whole rheumatology thing- I learned about it very LITTLE two years ago when my daughter and Grandmother where going to the same specialists. My daughter for allergies and grandma for arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is considered an allergy that ones body has to maybe your husbands doctor is thinking there is an allergy involved with this eye problem. Then again I could be 100% wrong!!! :)
Anyhooo, praying that both of you are feeling better very soon!

meggie said...

Hope you are both feeling better soon! I kept checking your blog, & was concerned when you hadnt posted!

The eye thing, GOM once had a thing called Iritis which is apparently very serious, &linked to arthritis, somehow.