Friday, January 05, 2007


I thought I would share a couple more photos of the bluebirds that I took the other morning. :p

I'm having a hard time deciding what fabrics to do the "Applique Designs" out of. Should I do them in: 30s, Thimbleberries, Christmas, or just go for scrappy? Weigh in with your opinion as to choice. :p

I'm trying to gather up what Christmas decorations I had out; I'm also working on "undressing" the tree so that it's ready to go out when Randy gets home tomorrow. I always drag my feet on this part of the holidays. I really miss my tree lights once the tree goes out, altho I keep a couple of small trees with lights out all year round. It's also a rainy, gloomy day--perfect for sewing but I'm having trouble (as usual) settling down and concentrating. I have a mile-long list of chores that are demanding attention. Too bad I'm in one of those "just don't want to" moods LOL. I AM going to make bread today. I had thoughts of going for a few groceries but promptly ditched that idea, at least for today. It's supposed to be 70 deg. here today. I don't know where Winter is hiding at. I'm longing for one of those Denver snows so I can just hole up by the fire and sew (as soon as I figure out which fabrics to use, that is ROFL).

Well, this certainly isn't accomplishing anything, and there are a few things that HAVE to be done today. Hope everyone is geared up for a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Aha! I know that 'just don't want to' mood quite well I'm afraid! :)

Do you have an especially large or small amount of any of your fabric options? (As in: use one up, not enough variety, etc?)


Libby said...

Pick the fabrics that are your most favorites -- since it's an ongoing project, you want it to be something you look forward to spending time with. This is not the time to 'step outside the box.' (I like it inside my box *s*)

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

If you can't decide what fabrics to use go scrappy.

It is colder and raining here but no snow. If you get snow send it my way and if we get snow I will send some to you.

Great photos!

Carol said...

Love your bluebirds...My choice would always be scrappy but you have to pick what you like the best since you'll be working on this for a while.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I love that you take time out to look at the birds. I do the same things. I find I am much happier and content when I take the time to enjoy the little things in life. Have a wonderful day my blogger friend!!

Dawn said...

Can't help you much with the fabric choice, you'll have to decide what makes you happy - BUT thanks for the additional pics of the bluebird!

Morah said...

Beautiful bird. We have a male and female cardinal that lives here in the summer. I think they know we're from Ohio and just feel at home in out backyard..........(cardinal is the state bird of Ohio)

Pam said...

My vote is for scrappy. Then you can do a little of everything.

What a pretty little bird. We have blue jay's here - but they are big and noisey, not at all like the bluebird.

meggie said...

Love those Bluebirds!

Scrappy would get my vote.. but you have to love it!

Cynthia said...

beautiful little bluebirds!!

I would vote for the 30's fabrics for the applique but that's becasue they're my favourite :-)

paula l said...

Oooooh! This is so nice.

Linda_J said...

I'm with Libby on this one--you have a whole lot of blocks to do for this one! So danged cute from what I have seen from May Brit and Nadine's blogs.

Thimbleberries, to me are sorta dark and muddy--not all of them but would not be my cup of tea over a years times. 30's, low contrast since most are medium shades but still my fav overall. BUT I'm not the one making them, LOL.

Is that snow or frost? Some mornings when I get up I really have to look around here--snow is unlikely but it sure can look white out there at first glance.