Monday, March 26, 2007

Another Day Outside

and these are a couple of pictures from last year...things that we are looking forward to again in the near future. :D That is Randy with Dewey and Badger on our lake bank. The lake usually is completely filled up, but obviously it was still quite low when I snapped this picture. I'm debating on hanging my hummingbird feeder, even tho I haven't seen a hummer yet. I know it can't be long now before they are buzzing around out there demanding that I fill their feeder for them. :) I do have some pictures that I've taken recently that I want to post, but I haven't uploaded them from the camera yet. Soon! (they aren't quilt-related tho :( )

Sug (my sister) came for a visit yesterday afternoon, and we hung around outside on the porch watching the birds. :D Oh, we did have coffee and a piece of almond pound cake that was still warm from my oven. Yummy. :D It was a great visit. We even mixed up a batch of Martha Stewart's homemade deer repellant and sprayed my hostas (that are just starting to emerge), daylillies, and lilac bush. I haven't tried this before, but heck, I think I've tried everything else and the deer still win out. :D I love watching the deer, but I would love for them to munch on something besides my flowers. :) The weather for the last week has just been toooo gorgeous for me to stay inside. I do have hand-applique that I want to get done, but I've been so whipped by dark that I haven't even been doing that. And I really, really want to make one of Darlene's tabletoppers. I may have to drag myself into my fabric closet tonight and pull out some fabrics for one of those.

I'm going to go swing the maddock a while longer. I really haven't gotten that much accomplished today. The phone has rung off the hook for mediation scheduling, so I have been carrying my phones and calendar outside with me. Some days are busier than others (on the phone), and today is one of them.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and that your week is off to a great start. I'll let you know how the digging goes. :D (Oh, I almost forgot...yeah, I have to admit to Darlene that I'm a blog 'stalker' too. LOL)


meggie said...

So glad you are enjoying some outside time Angie! We all need a breath of fresh air now & then. Sounds like you & you sister had a lovely day.

Beth said...

maybe the hummers are still at my house? I heard one chipping at me yesterday. Oh I must be 'blog stalker #3" :::grin::::

Lois R. said...

Get those fingers dirty! Sewing can wait for another day. Glad you're enjoying the warm weather. We've had a bit too. We even had dinner outside on Sunday evening. Glorious!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hannes says "hello" to Dewey and Badger! I've had success with "Liquid Fence" to train the deer out of our yard and away from the Hostas and Day Lilies. I better get my hummingbird feeders cleaned and ready, too! Enjoy these incredible Spring days!

Pam said...

I put up my hummingbird feeder yesterday. I have seen the hummer looking for it twice this weekend - so I can take a hint :))