Thursday, March 08, 2007

Daylight Savings Time Two Weeks Early

Look who came to visit! I'm thrilled!! This is the first red-wing blackbird that I've seen here.
Signs of spring in my flowerbed :D

Dewey and Badger (with his tail up :D) on the lake bank. High winds blew in lots of trash.
Looking up into my maple tree that's budding! I just love this picture!

It's a good thing one of our fellow bloggers mentioned in a post yesterday that the time will be set forward THIS WEEKEND! I had no idea the Powers That Be had declared that this will be done earlier this year. Oh my goodness, right when I'm just about to adjust to it being set back an hour LOL. I do wish they would just pick one and leave it there, forever and ever, amen. :D

I want to take down the snowmen wallhangings now and hang some spring ones. I have a pieced shamrock wallhanging that I need to dig out and get up on the wall. If I don't hurry up, St. Patrick's Day will have come and gone with only snowmen to wave at it's passing. :D And it's time to pull out spring tablerunners, too. :D

Badger is definitely worse this morning. Of the last several years, this is the worst (is that a word? LOL) one by far. I'm really worried about him. And the vet that has nursed him through these in the past is off today. It breaks my heart to see him like this, and every year when this happens I wonder if this will be when I have to say goodbye to him.

Well, it's 4:18 p.m. and I just got back from taking Badger to my favorite, competent vet who is 2-1/2 hrs. round trip away from me. I had to leave him; just as I suspected he does have a disc going again. The other vet that works at this clinic said he's very weak in his hind quarters, and his reflexes were really slow, but she felt that, with lots of very strong steroids and muscle relaxers, he should pull out of it again. And, of course, being caged so that he is totally still. They're supposed to call me later this evening to let me know how he is and how an x-ray of his back looks. I don't know yet how long he'll have to be in the 'hospital'. However long is fine, as long as he gets back on his feet again.


Pam said...

Poor Badger. I sure hope he is able to get better quickly. It is so hard to see the pets in pain, they just don't know what is wrong and you can't really help. Hopefully the vet can, and quickly.

jpquilter said...

spring looks lovely in your neck of the woods - hope Badger is back up and running soon

Beth said...

I'm so sorry about Badger! Those furry kids just worm their way into our hearts don' they? Nice Spring pictures!

Screen Door said...

Sounds like you definitely have spring fever. My Mom has had dachshunds for years. They tend to commonly have back problems. Hope he's better soon.

Suze said...

Our trees are still budless but the temp is supposed to improve today.

You will feel so much better when Badger gets home.

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