Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring

This is my first block, completed, of the Whig Rose quilt by Kim Diehl. I've pulled all of the fabrics for the second block except one piece. I decided to just choose fabrics for one block at a time. So, I'm almost ready to start the second block.

It's pouring the rain today. Looks like from the middle of the country to the eastern seaboard will be having some kind of 'weather' today. We have to go to the funeral home tonight, and needless to say, we are not looking forward to that. A friend and colleague died suddenly at 58--it will be a really difficult evening. He was such a dedicated husband and father that his family is just totally devastated. Add the rain and winds, and you know that I just want to curl up here in my nest.

I MADE myself go out yesterday to try to find something to wear tonight. I have about 20 extra pounds on my body right now, and I feel like a hippo waddling around. :) All of my clothes are too tight, and I'm miserable when I have to 'dress'. Yuk. But let me tell you, I HATE the styles that are out there right now!!!! If you aren't 20 and stick thin, well, forget it!! At least in my humble opinion, that is. I came home with a pair of black slacks and a black skirt but NO tops. Those nylon, stretchy things that are in the stores now are AWFUL on me. So I'll just have to pull out one of my ancient, loose-fitting dresses, and go like the Country Cousin that I am, hoping that no one will pay me the least bit of attention. Vain, I know, but I go out so seldom, and I really have gained so much weight during this mess with my thyroid, that I would just hide out at home until I get the weight off if I could. :(

I've been such a bad blogger the last couple of months. I apologize. So this is my attempt at doing better at posting. Thought if I posted on the first day of the month, maybe--just maybe--I could get back to posting at least every other day. You know, tho, there ae just some days that I truly feel like I have nothing to say that's worth sharing. :)

I've already tried posting once today and lost, let's see if I can get this one up. :)


Nadine said...

I'm sorry you're having a sad evening.... and sorry about your health problems. I can understand how your feel about dressing : I have 20 pounds to loose AT LEAST, and it's not because of thyroid, so no excuses ! Consequently.... I'm part of the "hippo-feeling" club, as well ! LOL
My favorite clothes are, what we call here "cache-misères" ("hide-miseries"), which means dark slacks, with a large loooong, colored tunique above... See what I mean ?

Now, about your posting : I'll wait for your next one for THIS Sunday evening, THE LATEST !...and this is an appointment !

KEEP SMILING ! Big hugs,

Barb said...

Oh, that block is just gorgeous, Angie. I love applique. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

You shouldn't feel obligated to post any more often than you feel like posting. All of us go through periods where we're just too busy to post all the time. I'm struggling with that right now, too, but the things I need to get done around my house are more important.

I do hope you'll continue to post photos of these blocks as you complete them. They're so, so nice.

Pam said...

I am so sorry to hear your friend died - 58 is just far too young. How sad.

Your quilt block looks great.

Beth said...

Oh Angie...I'm sorry for your rainy day. Some rainy days are welcome, but not when you need the sun. I will be thinking of you.

I do love your block. I'm searching for something to applique on my Applewood Farms BOM from last yr. I'm stuck.

meggie said...

Oh Angie, I know just how you feel about the weight thing, & wanting to hide out at home. I get a bit down, but then I think most people wont care if I have gained-it might make them feel good if they havent!! haha.

I love your Whig Rose block, it is just perfection!

Carol said...

Angie, I am so sorry about your very sad evening...58 is much too young. We just had the fashion discussion at the shop today and we are all in total agreement...the clothes are just they think the only people that buy clothes are 20. Love your block.

Quilting Kim said...

Angie, so sorry that you have to go out in the rain, but I'm sure that your friends will appreciate the support.

Love the block - isn't Kim Deihl one of the best?

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

The weather is bad all over the mid US.

Glad you are blogging and quilting again.

I gave up shopping for clothes years ago. It is not easy being over weight but being over weight and only 5 feet tall makes it harder to find clothes.

Libby said...

So sad to hear about your friend. It's never a good time, but particularly difficult at a young age.
Glad to see you are quilting - your block looks wonderful. I like the idea of one block at a time. It can be overwhelming to pick fabrics for an entire project with lots of applique . . . where to place a fabric, why did I pick this, on and on. Enjoy your stitchin'.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

So sorry to hear about your friend and his family. So sad!

Don't be so hard on yourself, my dear. I have so much extra weight that I'm carrying around - talk about a waddling hippo and when I lay down I look like a beached whale (are you laughing? - good!)

Love, love that block!!!! Is it for me????? snicker!

jenclair said...

Another sympathy note on the loss of your friend.

Love your applique block, just beautiful!

teodo said...

Angie i'm sorry for you and for your bad day. Sad events come together sometimes. I have put on weight because of my tyroid-problems, and I can completly understand how do you feel when you can't find cloths. But don't worry! When you'll find the solution, everything will get better! Be strong! I really like your block and the idea of starting the new one after finishing the previous block. Ciao, ciao.

Marcie said...

Angie-come visit me. Maybe you could chase me around the block and we would both feel better! I feel your pain, sister! Luckily quilting doesn't have size restrictions! Just enjoy it!

Rose Marie said...

Love your new block and the heart hanging! You have such a way with colour!

Stay positive, you will work through your problems!

Suze said...

That block makes me want to leave work right now and go home to make one. You have some lucious fabrics in that block.

Sad to hear of your medical problems. My dear daughter is struggling with the same 20 pounds.