Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to 3 Seesters, One Brother and One Niece

My Mom got carried away when it came to April babies...so I'm sending a very special happy birthday greeting to Nita, Den, Flan, Glorie and Sug!! Hope this is the most wonderful birthday for each of you! :D

I just have to share a couple of outside pictures. The first one is of a pair of eagles that were on our lake bank Sunday a.m. Absolutely awesome!!! The next one is a pair of swallows. I thought it was the one of them 'kissing', which they actually do, and it's called 'billing'. Alas, I chose the wrong one...they are so small in photo file that I often can't tell if I have chose "THE ONE" from the group. :( I'll find it tho and put it up later. I also bought a birdbath as my birthday gift from my seester, Lilie, since she told me NOT to buy any more fabric or thread with my gift from her. LOL So I bought a birdbath! :D I'll post a pic of it later too. :)

Sug, the next picture is of the swallow flying from the nesting box. Fifth Avenue is officially rented! :D All rental properties have been snapped up now. :) I think we have our first batch of baby bluebirds already in one of them. :D

I'm headed back outside...all of the pictures enlarge if you click on them. :)


Vicki W said...

Love your bird photos! We get bluebirds and tree swallows nesting here each year too (except for the year the nasty house sparrows moved in - we moved them OUT). Our bluebirds are just nesting now - you are a few weeks ahead of us!

meggie said...

I loved your bird photos too!
And I just adore the flowers wallhanging. How pretty.

Conni Lu said...

I would say that having eagles visiting is pretty awesome. How exciting! And happy birthday wishes to you all. :)

Meredith said...

I typed a comment and lost it! LOL. I enjoy your out door photos and the bright spring quilt.