Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweltering 92 Degrees!

So what happened to Spring? I feel like we are in the middle of August...totally wilted...and all worn out with hot weather! Is this a portent of what the Summer will bring? Sweltering hot? No rain? Brown, dead grass (what grass?? LOL), a tan landscape for the next 3 months? I shouldn't be complaining, I know, even tho we are so far below on our rainfall. There are several more of my neighboring Southern states that are in even worse shape than we are here in Tennessee. But it is really reaching critical mass here too insofar as the lack of rainfall is concerned.

So, if it's too hot to be outside, one would naturally ask if I've been in the air-conditioned sewing room, switching obsessions from outside to quilting ROFL, but I would have to tell you NO. :( Where did my sewing muse go? She seems to have totally deserted me. I did reverse sew that one border on that tablerunner way-back-when, and I haven't even quilted it. I did also work just a TAD on my Kim Diehl block, which is so close to being finished that I should just sit right down now and finish it up so I could at least start the third block. :( :) And just because we have guests coming on Friday, that's no reason to rush around slinging dust, and books, and magazines, and accumulated mess, now is it? LOL Definitely not a good reason to rush out to the grocery store (after all, the son's female friend is a vegetarian---hey, Rabbit Stitchings, what does one feed a vegetarian??? :D) and there's not even two pieces of bread in the house for a sandwich. Nah, not good enough reasons for all of that. So maybe I WILL just go finish that one block for now.

I am so sorry to have been such a laggart about my blog this month. I make promises to myself to be more religious about posting, and what do I do???? Desert it just like it did my quilting!! :D I'm going now to see if I can unearth that block. The photos are Homer Kitty having a snooze in the shade and pea gravel (go figure), my herb bed which I'm working on enlarging, and let me tell you that little picture does NOT do justice to how much dirt I moved!!!, and my little sweetheart, Badger. I'm going to unearth more photos eventually of my "boys" so I can share some of Dewey too. :D Hope every one is well and enjoying all of your most favorite things as we swing into Summer. (All photos enlarge with a click)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Oh, what a beautiful Mother's Day!! I have been out giving my plants a drink; it's going to be quite warm today and sunny. I decided to go ahead and plant my veggies in pots, so I spent all day yesterday doing that. Still have a few tomatoes to put in pots, and of course, I plant a pot then have to stand and ponder forever which pot I want to fill next. :) Another one of those days that I went out with the coffee as soon as I rolled out of bed and didn't come back in except for brief 'pit stops'. :D More of the same is on tap for today! :)

Sending champayne wishes and chocolate dreams to all of you mothers! Had this perfect picture of my 'baby boy' , Badger, which I had to post today of all days LOL, the flowers are a patch of Maiden Pinks that I planted from seed last year, and of course, another shot of my Indigo Bunting.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summertime Temps

It's supposed to be 87 deg. here today. That is a summertime temperature, not Spring! But hey, I'll take it. :) I'm still enthralled by the birds. I just do not want to stay in the house right now, so once again I have to tell you that I've been outside from dawn to dusk. Yesterday evening I had TWO Indigo Buntings come for their 'supper'! Oh my goodness! Was I thrilled or what??? Of COURSE I got a picture...that one will be shown at a later date. :) And I've had a female Rose Breasted Grosbeak that last couple of days. Now, Sug (my seester) has had the MALE RBG ( am I jealous or WHAT??) LOL I haven't had him come to visit yet, but surely there's one here, right? After all, where there's a female, there's usually a male tagging along somewhere in the sidelines, right??? ROFL

That's a 'purple finch' having a drink after his meal. Isn't he a beauty? And the other picture is of my seedlings. They have really grown since I took that photo. I still don't know where to put my veggie garden. My darling husband DOES NOT want me to put it where I want it to go, so I'm at a stand-still in that regard. They really need to be put in the ground soon, tho. Either that or just throw all of them into pots. We'll see.

We had a wonderful day last Sunday with our friends from Knoxville. They brought the most yummy cake and mini-cupcakes from Magpies, a bakery in Knoxville. Then we prowled around outside looking at my plants, picking up some wood pieces from the lake bank for them to take home and use as 'yard art' *grins*. It was a lovely day. Oh, oh, oh, and they brought me a 5-gal. Lodge dutch oven as a gift! I was thrilled! I've been wanting one of those for ages and just hadn't bought it yet. So, thanks again, Joanie and Debbie! :D

I am going outside while it's still cool. Gotta play in the dirt, you know! LOL

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Birds Everywhere

Sorry for posting only pictures with no explanations. I was in a hurry to at least get SOMETHING posted. :D Elaine asked if that is an Indigo Bunting...YES, YES, YES! Aren't I the lucky one? He's absolutely gorgeous! All of the photos can by enlarged by clicking on them. He visited the first time on May 1 (I think), and has come back every day since for breakfast and dinner. :) And we have scads of Gold Finches. They are the most lovely little things...just twittering and singing and doing acrobatics. :) We've also had a pair of purple finches, a Cardinal, lots of Swallows, Bluebirds, Chipping Sparrows, and a pair of Juncos (I think *g*), and my sweet little Hummingbirds. There's one little Ruby-Throated Hummer that tries to guard to feeders at the same time. LOL He stays quite busy trying to hoard the 'food'. Kinda reminds me of myself with all of my fabric and quilt books. *g* I have been outside...for days and days on end...and loving every minute of it!! Oh, and Sheila (aubirdwoman), that IS the same moon you see, I see'! LOL And I'm afraid I'm not as young as I can get away with letting you think I am on this blog!! ROFL

Libby, I did go ahead and stick some veggie seeds in pots, and now I have cherry tomatoes, cucumber, summer squash, zuchinni, and lettuce all sprouting! I was thrilled that they came up. Now I just need to get me a veggie patch tilled up.

I have to run to the produce market now for some fresh fruit. We have friends coming for lunch tomorrow, so I better stir up the dust in this house, send those 'bunnies' scurrying, and sling my books and magazines in another room and shut that door. :D I do hope all of my family and friends are having a wonderful weekend. We are having some much-needed rain this morning, but tomorrow is supposed to dawn bright and pretty. :)