Friday, November 30, 2007

A few post-Thanksgiving photos: My seester/BIL/nephew Sug, Fred and Troy; Madison (my great-niece) in Dewey's bed WITH Dewey (ROFL); and Madison (in my lovely clogs :>) trying to get Badger's toy (with Dewey looking on)

I just had to share a picture of my most favorite Christmas mug! I bought this mug about 13 years ago, and it's been my first Christmas mug out of the cabinet ever since. :>

And, now don't faint dead away, here's my pieced tablerunner from Finn's tutorial (I'm still having some minor problems with linking, so see previous post for Finn's link -- or my sidebar). I'm such a sloppy sewer, none of my blocks EVER turn out the same size, and no, I never learned how to 'square up'...I really should learn HOW to piece and quilt one of these days. :0 In any event, this was a REALLY FAST AND EASY runner to piece--so easy and fast that I plan on making a couple more within the next few days. :D Now, if I actually made a couple more of these, wouldn't that be simply amazing!!! ROFL

I just received a McCall's Quilting magazine, 2 Australian Patchwork and Quilting mags, and an Australian Threads mag, so I'm brewing a fresh cup of cofee, hitting the couch to peruse these for a few minutes, then I just may go layer/baste and start quilting the trees topper and the 'F&E Runner'. :> (Can you tell that I'm 'home alone'? LOL)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Time's A'comin'

As hard as it is to believe, we are running out of time to whip out those Christmas decorations and gifts. :0 I thought I would show you a picture of my 'flimsy' TableTopper Trees from the pattern that's really making the blog rounds of Marcie's.

The other picture is a runner that I'm working on using a tutorial from
Finn's blog. She's done an excellent job setting this out for us. It's a really fast pattern. I just need to decide how big I want it, and how I want to lay it out. Maybe I will finish putting it together tomorrow. I would like to quilt the Trees topper soon too. Maybe tomorrow? :>

It's cold here tonight. We're supposed to have a low of 27. It's been really beautiful the last few days, with temps in the mid and upper 50's. Hard to believe that it's almost the first of December...doubly hard to believe with temperatures like these. :>

I'm off to snuggle in my bed (with the flannel sheets) and read a while. Good night, John Boy! :-D

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Sending Thanksgiving wishes to all of my family and friends! I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of friendship, family, good food, and good health. :D We will be counting our blessings here at Ships Landing with some of our family, holding the rest of our family close in our hearts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Slowly But Surely,

bit by bit, piece by piece...I'm building a tree tabletopper. :D

Positively Pineapple

Ooooh, I am going to LOVE this Pineapple book! :) Just got it today!! I've had the ruler forever...and no, I haven't used it yet LOL, but I'm GOING TO!!! Just you hide and watch! LOL

Nita, here's one of my violet starts that I got from you. :D It's one of the leaves from Mom's violet. All of the other leaves that I brought home rooted, and I've potted them, but they haven't made any baby leaves yet. And the piece of violet from that one pot is doing really good--knock on wood! LOL

I've been out for an hour-long walk again, and I would just like to let everyone know that I am so SORE from the waist down that I can hardly move!! :/ On these walks, I've been 'borrowing' pieces from my neighbors' shrubs to see if I can get them to root for me. *g*

Gotta get up from Thanksgiving NEXT week???????

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tulips, Stars and Trees

I've played hard today. I've been outside all afternoon. Got a white butterfly bush and a donut peach tree in the ground, as well as a pot of Comfrey and Speedwell. I think the high was 70 deg. so it was just too pretty to stay in. :D

I did piece these little trees tonight. The Tulips Under the Stars quilt I made, hmmm, how many years ago now(?), and it's only partially quilted. :D The log cabin quilt was the first larger quilt that I did. It was machine-pieced and hand-quilted. I made it just for my DH, Randy. :)

Now I'm going to go make us some dinner, and get on the couch! :D

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fall Dress Up

Well, I managed to spend all afternoon figuring out how to upgrade Blogger, and with Darlene's help, via an email that Libby sent to Darlene about creating Blog Headers, I finally, after much trial and error, got a Fall header up there! YeeeeHaaaa! LOL See, I really want to have a Christmas one, but that has to wait for December 1, and I've been green with envy for ages over those that have quilt-related pictures for their headers, so I really HAD to learn how to do it! So, what do you think??? :D Bunches of hugs and thanks to Dazey Girl for putting up with me! ;>/

Borrowed This :)

Pisces - February 19 and March 20Pisces are dreamers. When they quilt they usually are creating poetry. Although they are kind and make projects to bestow on friends and family, they are most likely envisioning themselves snuggled beneath every quilt they are working on. Although they can lack self-confidence, their imagination and intuition make them artistic quilters. Their sensitivity can lead them to shy away from displaying their creations. Generally you will find that a Pisces has more then one project on the go and can easily manage both. Whatever they choose to work on they need a project that requires plenty of variety. Patchwork that includes embroidery or other needlework is well liked by them. needlescape - A quilting and needlework adventure focused on gardens, landscapes, and flights of fancy. Subject: recognize yourself? A humorous compilation of character traits of quilters according to their zodiac signs. Compiled by a quilting tutor with over twenty years experience teaching patchwork and quilting and zero years writing horoscopes. Aries - March 21 to April 20Aries are adventurous and energetic quilters. They are forever looking for new ideas. The whole world to them is a palette of endless possibilities.Always confident, they use colour schemes that others wouldn't dare consider. Their enthusiasm can cause them to lose track of time when working on a project and they have been known to go days without sleep.Being impulsive by nature, they generally don't bother reading the instructions for designs. Of course, as far as they are concerned the patterns are just to give them more ideas. Aries have a talent for the arts and make excellent designers. They don't follow techniques; they invent them. Their quilt designs are the envy of many. Taurus - April 21 to May 20Taurus is the quilter who always finishes a project, as they are persistent and determined. When attending workshops or using a pattern they will follow every instruction to the letter. They can be greedy when it comes to their stash, as they know the value of material. They save every bit of scrap.However, they are warm hearted and loving to such a degree that they have given away nearly every quilt they have ever made. They are gifted artists,excelling at sewing, patchwork and quilting. The stitching in their quilts is of such high quality that their quilts will endure for eons. Gemini - May 21 to June 21 If Gemini has been fortunate enough to discover a tutor that has guided their enthusiasm, their quilts will be imaginative and versatile. If they are self-taught quilters they will have a treasure trove books, magazines, quilting supplies and every innovation related to quilting but they probably do not have a single finished quilt. This won't bother them though as they will convince everyone, including themselves, that this was always their plan. Being youthful they love funky projects that use bright fabrics and dazzling threads; being romantic they love traditional quilts made with soft pastels and florals; being whimsical they love the country theme and flannels; being Gemini they love it all! Being very good with words, they will likely go on to author books as experts on patchwork and quilting - having never finished a single project. Cancer - June 22 to July 22Cancer makes quilts to please themselves not to showcase. They do appreciate compliments on their work but being timid they aren't likely to enter a quilt in a competition.They want their quilts to be practical and comfortable and aren't likely to hang one on the wall, but actually use them on beds. Being cautious they are most likely to stick to the traditional designs. They are not likely to add decorative touches, such as trims or whatnots. They believe that quilts are naturally beautiful and do not need embellishments. They love to use dark rich colours in their quilts considering these as more practical. When they discover a quilt shop they like, they become lifetime, loyal customers. Leo - July 23 to August 23Being one of the most creative signs Leo quilters make wonderful masterpieces. As they are generous and warmhearted their friends and family are usually lucky recipients of their beautiful creations.They love to read all the patchwork and quilting magazines looking for ideas that they can use. They are always up-to-date on the latest crazes.Although they know quite a bit about their chosen craft and can usually discover straight away where a quilter has run into problems in their projects, they tend to be too bossy when attempting to help fellow quilters. They are great as companions to go fabric shopping with, as they know where the best deals are to be found. They are also great help in selecting coordinating material but be prepared to go along with their decisions or suffer the wrath. They don't like to waste their precious time providing opinions that get ignored. Virgo - August 24 to September 22Virgo is meticulous and fussy when it comes to patchwork and quilting. They never rush any project but pay scrupulous attention to every detail from cutting, to piecing, to quilting. The downside to their fastidiousness is that they always notice mistakes in other quilter's creation no matter how minor. If you want to know the exact amount of fabric required or any size quilt, ask a Virgo. They have an uncanny knack for making such calculations.Virgos tend to take up quilting at a younger age then other women.They don't have a problem balancing their lives and making time for career, partner, children and quilting. Libra - September 23 to October 23Easygoing and sociable Libra's are great fun to have in patchwork and quilting classes and workshops. They enjoy helping others and never turn down a request to lend a hand to pin a quilt top. Friends are very important to Libra, and they don't mind sharing their stash or tools.Unfortunately helpful Libra rarely will ask for help. They think that if they wait long enough for a problem to go away it will. Thus they end up with unfinished quilts when they do run into difficulty. Instead of finding a solution for the glitch they put it aside and move on to another project.They believe that they will be able to return to the project later and the predicament will have fixed itself. Funnily this sometimes works.You will find that a quilt designed by a Libra is always perfectly balanced. Scorpio - October 24 to November 22Being passionate Scorpios can be excellent quilters. When they rely on their natural intuition, they excel at choosing colour and pattern combinations.Sometimes their compulsive nature can cause problems, as they leave projects unfinished in their quest to have the latest and greatest.When they stick with a project they produce supreme work. They alway must have the most up-to-minute supplies or tools and tend to be jealous of others who may possess anything more recent. They have been known to sulk if they get frustrated in their aim to be unsurpassed.Nevertheless, their desire to have the best is what drives them to produce exceptional quality work. As they possess abundant energy they can do a large amount of quilting without even needing a break for a cuppa. Sagittarius - November 23 to December 21Sagittarius love challenges of all kinds and will pick the most difficult quilt design to pursue. Ever optimistic they will not be deterred by complex patterns even as beginners. Their ability to tackle complicated projects with ease sometimes leads them to be tactless when faced with what they view as a simple project. However, people tend to admire Sagittarius and thus forgive their indiscretions. As it is extremely important to a Sagittarius to complete everything they start, the only unfinished project they will have is the one they are currently working on.They prefer to quilt with friends and family as a shared activity rather then as a solitary pastime. Capricorn - December 22 and January 20When shopping for fabric it is always wise to take a Capricorn, as they are very good at calculating the required amount needed for patterns.Being prudent and practical they will not over estimate the quantity needed and therefore are cost effective to have along, especially if you are on a budget.They are also extremely organized and disciplined. They take as much care in the storage of their stash as they do in the quality of their work. They see themselves as sensible and perform a regular clear out of supplies and materials. They are not the type to horde anything and do not own more than one type of any tool. Of course their restraint is what causes them to take an inordinate amount of time in the planning stage of a project, which they feel is of vital importance to the outcome of the finished product. Aquarius - January 21 to February 18 Aquarius is very gifted and produce exceptionally original quilts.They are known to invent new techniques that enhance the art form.They are friendly but their independent nature leads them to prefer to spend time quilting by themselves. Although you can find them in a quilting class, they are the most likely of all signs to choose to learn from books or a video. However if you ever have a patchwork or quilting dilemma they are the kind of person that you can turn to for help and advice.They are nice and will be thoughtful when making a quilt for friends or family. They will create the quilt with careful consideration of what the individual would like.
Pisces - February 19 and March 20Pisces are dreamers. When they quilt they usually are creating poetry.Although they are kind and make projects to bestow on friends and family they are most likely envisioning themselves snuggled beneath every quilt they are working on.Although they can lack self-confidence their imagination and intuition makes them artistic quilters. There sensitivity can lead them to shy away from displaying their creations. Generally you will find that a Pisces has more then one project on the go and can easily manage both. Whatever they choose to work on they need a project that requires plenty of variety. Patchwork that includes embroidery or other needlework is well liked by them. A quilting and needlework adventure focused on gardens, landscapes, and flights of fancy.
I'm still learning this linking business, but I think I have these two right. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Heck, my pictures are backward. Oh well, just wanted to show you that I had gotten my Tri-Rec ruler, so now I can make me some of Mz. Marcie's trees too!!! :D And I've wanted this setting triangle ruler ever since it hit the stores, so now it's mine! :D

Can you believe it? Did you faint dead away when you saw what looked like, could it be, am I seeing things.......fabrics laid out to cut and SEW????? Well, I know it's not much, but hey, you don't know how many people can just show up at your door out here in the boonies, ringing the doorbell, ringing the phone(s), and if it's not that then it's 'let the dogs and cat in, let the dogs and cat out, etc.' So I'm doing great to get 24 little rail fence blocks made! :D Now, here's the question: Should I go ahead and use up the rest of the fabric (I don't have a lot of any of these three) that I have started here, then go pull different fabrics to make more rail fence blocks and to make some leaf blocks? Or just make a few leaves out of these fabrics, throw them in with the RF, slap some borders on it, call it a runner or wallhanging, and call it done? Well, that question is clear as mud, right? ROFL

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Linking Thank You's

Wow, I got several emails telling me how to directly link, and even one tutorial posted on Perry's blog. Thank you, Elaine and Katja, for being so kind and sending me emails with the 'how to' in them, and to you, Perry, for taking the time to do a post on how to link. :D Aren't blogger buddies just the best friends a person could have? :D And, dang, I just checked to make sure and THEY WORK!!! Yea!!!! Thank you, ladies!! :D

Don't Know How to Directly Link :(

Dang, I hate that I only know enough about this blogging business to get me in trouble! :) I don't know how to directly link you to Mary's blog, but try typing in and see if that gets you to her pattern. Elaine asked how I had my sister 'pick' up the dishes for me, and where were they from. We only have Wal-Mart here, Elaine. :/ My dishes were REAL expensive!! They came from Wal-Mart (aka the communist store) LOL, and I had already bought a couple of the mugs, then decided I really did like the color, pattern, etc., so decided I would buy the rest of the dishes to match. A set only consists of plates, bowls, and mugs. Anyhoo, by the time I got back to 'the store', they only had ONE plate left....soooooo, I call my seester just to chat, and guess where she is----yep, she's in THAT store, so I asked her to get me X number of plates and bowls. WaaLaa, my new Summer/Fall dishes. :D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wow, Twice in One Day

I know, I don't post for a month at a time, and then I double-dip. :D Such is the freedom of PCs, right? :) I just had to add a picture of SOME of my gold finches, dressed in their winter finery, that are coming to my feeders now--in droves!!! Don't know how I'll be able to keep them all fed this Winter. :)

AND, I got myself some new hiking boots! :D And I've pranced around in them all afternoon, well, they didn't get here until about Noon today, and I do just love them!! :)

The potato soup is made, the yeast bread is rising, the fire is softly blazing, and finally, finally, I am going to the sewing room. You see, I may have to pull those dang Fall fabrics back off the shelf, and yes, I did JUST put them back in place the other day. :/ But now, when I thought I was ready to drag out all of the Christmas fabrics, Mary at posted a pattern for her rail fence with maple leaf quilt, and I'm going to HAVE to make at least a couple blocks.

Sug (seester) is coming tomorrow afternoon to play with me. Well, actually, she wants some of that pizza and potato soup that I've made, but she SAYS it's really just to come see me, my trees, my new boots, etc. :D But I know.......LOL

This and That

I had to share a picture of one of the birds using my new tree already! :) And can you believe this little violet blooming on Oct. 31???? Last night I just had to make a pizza, and this was the result---yum! Veggie pizza--yumm! I had Sug (one of my seesters) pick up some new dishes for me, and I do just love them!! And here is the pizza, ready for me to overindulge in, on my new plate. Love, love, love it---the pizza AND the plate! :D