Thursday, November 08, 2007

Don't Know How to Directly Link :(

Dang, I hate that I only know enough about this blogging business to get me in trouble! :) I don't know how to directly link you to Mary's blog, but try typing in and see if that gets you to her pattern. Elaine asked how I had my sister 'pick' up the dishes for me, and where were they from. We only have Wal-Mart here, Elaine. :/ My dishes were REAL expensive!! They came from Wal-Mart (aka the communist store) LOL, and I had already bought a couple of the mugs, then decided I really did like the color, pattern, etc., so decided I would buy the rest of the dishes to match. A set only consists of plates, bowls, and mugs. Anyhoo, by the time I got back to 'the store', they only had ONE plate left....soooooo, I call my seester just to chat, and guess where she is----yep, she's in THAT store, so I asked her to get me X number of plates and bowls. WaaLaa, my new Summer/Fall dishes. :D

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Perry said...

Angie, I am going to post some instructions on my blog as to how you link. Hopefully they will help. You will be able to see them in about 5 minutes. Email me if you don't understand.