Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years Eve!

I made a couple more Churn Dash blocks this a.m. and took a picture with my Sony camera. I don't know what my new camera doesn't want to give me 'true color' of my fabrics. Will have to investigate that. This what they really look like. :)

I'm doing laundry, piecing a block here and there, thinking it's time for me to go outside for a walk. It's a beautiful day, high of 56, sunny; and they are saying that tomorrow will be a high of 35. Me thinks I should be outside for a while today. :D

The jet contrails were so interesting the other day that I had to snap a picture of it. I immediately saw an "A". :D

Sending wishes for one and all to have a pieceful, healthy, Happy New Year!


Linda said...

The colours on your blocks look "true" today, perhaps it was the lighting yesterday, or maybe one too many wines as it was a special day...hehe. Now I thought someone had been writing on your foggy windows, very cool vapor trail. HNY.

Kristie said...

Happy New Year! Your blocks look so much brighter today. I like the idea fo alternating the reds and greens. I really like the churn dash block. I have made a few using that pattern.

Patti said...

Oh yes - much more Christmasy! One of the settings must be off on the new camera.

meggie said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Randy! congratulations.
Happy Happy New Year to you, Randy & the boys!

Hugs xx

Oh & thankyou for the Bluebirds! They are really beautiful.
And also fun to see Dewey & Badger so happy with their 'loot'.!!

Tazzie said...

Happy New Year Angie. 2008 is going to be a wonderful year!

Nan said...

Happy New Year, Angie! Once again, I love all your photos! The blocks are so nice, too!