Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Been a While

Since I last posted. I've been under the weather with the cold-type crud, and just have not felt like doing anything more than I absolutely had to this week. I did take Dewey (our oldest wienie dog) to get his teeth cleaned on Monday, and found out that I can no longer get his phenibarbitol at the vet (he has seizures). No, now they have to call it in to a pharmacy. Great! Just great! Another trip that will have to be made once a month. And another buck for Wal-Mart since that's the closest store to me. I HATE that store! So, on Tuesday, I made a Wal-Mart run for groceries, meds and sundries. :) The rest of the week I have literally spent mostly on the couch in front of the woodstove. I DO love this woodstove!! :) I haven't done any sewing. I have been reading, tho. My reading has gotten pushed to bedtime -- it used to be that I didn't sit down that I didn't pick up a book and read. Then I got caught up in quilt books and magazines, and my novels got relegated to "right before sleep". So, I've been snuggled up reading. And you know what? It's going to be really cold and windy here for the next few days, so that's probably what I'll spend my time doing then too, along with a bit of applique that I've started. Oh, and I do want to get my setting squares on my angels. And I'm still playing with the bluework snowmen. I'll get around to posting some pictures eventually. I have made almost daily rounds reading blogs, keeping up all of you high achievers LOL. I just haven't even felt like posting comments, but I'm hoping for a better week ahead. :P Hope everone is having a lovely weekend.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Raggedy Angels

I have finally gotten my angels' hairstyles done, given them a bit of 'make up' :P, and given them a little raggedy quilt to hold. Now they just need their setting triangles and quilting. :P I have really had a good time playing with these. And during the course of working on them, I realized I'm just not in the mood for small applique right now, so I'm reneging on the Applique Designs for the time being. My mood calls for large folk art, maybe Kim Diehl, or Blackbird Designs, I've even gone so far as to pull out my Quilting the Garden since I've cut several blocks' worth of templates a long time ago, but just couldn't decide on fabrics to use. I've also been poring over Jan Patek books. Then, there's that plaid bear paw quilt that I want to do, and the churn dash, and my Tree Angel keep whispering to many quilts, sew many hard decisions. LOL

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Look What I Got

I received this cute, cute fabric 'postcard' , which is my first one, along with this panel wallhanging from Dorothy. ;P Thank you so much!! I don't know how to put links in here yet, sorry. :c Aren't they fun??? I was so excited when the package came in the mail the other day. I'm always like a kid at Christmas when I get packages in the mail. LOL

I've cut the first pieces out for my Applique Designs. Finally. LOL I should be out at the grocery store right now, but it's another one of those 'stay by the fire' days...and rather than embroidery...or applique...I've been prowling through quilt books again. If I NEVER made a quilt from any of them, I can tell you I've gotten my money's worth from them cause I've literally worn them out just looking at the them and dreaming about all of those quilts that I would love to have stacked up. LOL

I've just made a fresh pot of coffee--Mmmm-- and I'm going to sit and sew a few minutes before I get on the phone and the other computer for work. Hope all of you are staying snug and warm...and that all of you that have gotten so much ice still have your power. I've been watching the weather channel and thinking of all of you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Okay, I'm Back

But I have to share this one more thing--you see, the God of my understanding wears this most lovely quilted patchwork coat. And this coat has two HUGE pockets, one on each side. One of the pockets is a 'bottomless' pocket, and I can go tuck in all of my worries, troubles, tears, rants, whatever, whenever I'm ready to let go of them, and He just takes care of them. ;P The other one is where I put all of my joys, and treasures, and blessings--and I ususally have to just STUFF them in there cause that pocket has a way of filling up. Okay, there, now my secret is out. That's MY vision---and I'm sticking to it!! LOL

I've posted a picture of the beginning of my January Bluework Snowman, just to prove that I really have started on it. *laugh* No picture yet of my AD...that will come, in time! :) The next picture is what it looks like outside with winds howling, to boot! And the third picture is where I'm headed again---in front of the fire with a cup of tea. :P

Warning--Heavy Ramble Ahead

I have been caught up in the struggles of a young man fighting to live since a car accident on December 18, 2006. He lives on the opposite side of the country, and has pulled through very serious injuries, oh so slowly, by baby steps and searing pain and agony. He's still in the hospital in a very precarious state, and he still has many mountains to climb. Last summer, I landed in a blog titled "Molly's Page", a blog of a young (18 years old) girl who was so traumatically and seriously injured on the night of her Senior prom. That girl and her family absolutely humbled me in my daily life with whatever 'perceived' problems or struggles that might have been going on in my life at that point. I am here to tell you, people, that I have no idea of what a 'bad' day is compared to these young people. I have no idea what 'faith' or 'courage' or 'strength' really means in light of what these families have gone through and are still going through. Reading about Molly and her daily struggles, and now Mark, has just really made me stop in my tracks and consider my life, my good health, my many many blessings. It also sends me reeling back into those questions that I've never yet found any answers to (and probably won't in this lifetime), and that I've carried with me for what seems like all of my life. Questions about life--questions and fears about death--did 'we' choose these paths in another realm before we landed here in this body (I'll never forget the first time that I read the book "Embraced by the Light" and how angry it made me--I've since gone back to it many times, and each time it comforts me a bit more), how can some seem to be able to bear soooo much with such grace, and some seem to hardly be able to struggle under what is seemingly the lightest of burdens...See, I forewarned you--RAMBLES AHEAD--and ones that are heavy and not easily read. Feel free to skip this post. I have no idea where it will may not may just fade away. I am just working on releasing some heart-felt stuff that feels like it's dammed up in my chest. Any time I read of accidents like these I naturally go back, back, back to Eric...and Steve...Maybe I will just go have a good cry in front of the woodstove, and then move on to some chores. I'll be back later.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Randy's Eye Problem

Pam left a comment on a previous post asking about Randy's eye. Thanks so much for the info you posted there, Pam! And also thanks for asking if it's better. It's not. As a matter of fact, he was in excrcuiating pain with it last night. Today, the pain isn't as severe, but the redness seems to have returned with a vengeance. He also seems to have more intense pain by nighttime, and we think it may be due to having used the eye all day. He doesn't see the eye dr. again until Thursday. One of the things that really troubles him about it right now is if he covers his right eye, he can't see anything at all with the left eye, total blackness (the one with the inflammation). So, needless to say, we're both really concerned about whatever is going on with it.

Where Has the Week Gone?

It's Sunday again! How can that be? I keep losing these big chunks of time! LOL Yesterday morning I spied 3 male cardinals and 2 females (there was probably a third female there that I just didn't see), and I grabbed my camera for a photo shoot. I was sooo excited! The only thing that really bothers me, tho, is that there aren't usually that many birds around at this time of the time, and right now you step outside in the morning and think you're already in spring with all of the different birds singing and flitting around! Just ain't normal, it ain't! LOL

Dear Libby keeps asking when I'm going to post a picture of the angel I'm working on. Well, here are two of the three--in all of their baldness and blank faces. ;P There will be three of them set on point. Just a simple, rather primitive wallhanging. They will get some yarn hair, and smiling rosy faces, and maybe even a tiny little quilt in their hands, so there's still a bit to do before they are ready for their setting triangles. I still haven't gotten any more done on my Tree Angel quilt, but she's still patiently waiting for me. I HAVE started work on my Applique Designs. I've prepped the first block, so see, I'm getting there! LOL

I made beef stew yesterday in the crock pot, and cornbread to go with it. It was quite yummy, and we had it in our new pottery bowls while watching a movie, "Cinderella Man". Great movie! We've only had our DVD player over a year now, and we're finally figuring out how to use the thing. ROFL We are just real techno geeks in this household!!! ROFL

I've got sourdough bread rising. The loaves that I made last week were soooo good, and the temps are supposed to get back down to more normal levels on Tuesday, so I thought I would just have some bread on hand. It's gotten up to 66 deg. here today. Insane weather! Hope everyone has had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh My, Look at the Goods!

Look what I got in the mail today!!!! Aren't they just gorgeous? The picture doesn't do them justice, really. You should see them up close and personal! LOL They're "Nell's Flower Shop" by Moda for Blackbird Designs. Just yummy! I have most of Blackbird Designs books, and I even have a kit for "Quilting the Garden" which I haven't started yet. Maybe this FQ bundle should go into the "Birds of a Feather" book. :P Oh, I do wish 'they' would stop coming out with all of these gorgeous fabrics and wonderful books, just for a while, until I could make myself use some of that small stash (tongue in cheek) that I already have. ROFL Oh well, I'm really trying to win an award, you know, the one where "she who dies with the most fabric/books wins"! ROFL

I thought I would add a couple more bird pictures, another shot of a bluebird from the other day when it was so very foggy and frosty, and one of a cardinal that I took this past summer.

Happy Weekend Wishes to everyone!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Out of Sync

I've pretty much been out of sync with the world for the last several days. Yesterday was spent in going to the dr, and we all know how long that takes. Nothing new to report other than blood levels were coming down some (which is a good thing), but the mass really hadn't changed any. So, without any answers to the questions that I had, he sent me on my way and will see me back in 2 months. So, what do you do???? Go home, and carry on. ;p Randy also had a dr. appt. for his eye. He has a severe inflammation and the meds they had given him last week had not worked like they had hoped, so they doubled the meds, and he goes back to them next week. They told him that if these medicines don't work, they will have to send him to a rheumatologist. For an inflammation of the eye????? Anybody ever heard of this? We are completely in the dark on this one (no pun intended LOL).

It actually snowed here day before yesterday; not much but enough to whet my appetite for a good hard snow! I had to go out and stand in it and take pictures of it coming down, of course! :D

I'm working on my angel wallhanging (pictures another day). I hate to say I haven't started my Applique Designs yet, but I'm still planning on getting into those. :)

Hope everyone has had a good week so far. ;P

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today It's A Cardinal

It's funny how 'things' happen. Morah commented on my post from yesterday with the Bluebirds that she has cardinals that live at her house in the summer. I had been outside this morning watching this BRIGHT red cardinal. I first noticed two of them in a tree near the house, but of course, by the time I got my camera they were gone. I got a phone call and was standing on the porch talking when I noticed a cardinal in the yard by the storage building. I was able to get a couple of fairly good pictures of him. It's such a grey day, and with the building as a backdrop too, he shows up good if you click on him to enlarge it. :)

The small pile of fabrics are some Thimbleberrie fat quarters that I've been trying to decide if I want to use in the "Applique Design" blocks. If I don't soon make up my mind and get started I'll be doing 6 a week instead of 1 a week. LOL As much as I keep thinking about my 30s fabrics, I have to admit that I'm leaning toward scrappy, and I can just pull fabrics to suit the block and my fancy. I'll use one background for all of them, I think. I did sit and applique a bit last night...well, until I lost one of the angel's shoes ;o) and didn't want to cut another one as I knew that as soon as I did the other one would turn up. And yes, it did, when I was heading to bed and turning off my tree lights (yes, the tree's still up--minus half of the ornaments). Now how that tiny little plaid shoe got over by the tree is a mystery. ;0

Finn's post last night was about the wierd weather. I had just visited Lois' blog over at Quilt Contemplation, and she was saying that she just can't get into sewing. I've had 3 days that I had hoped to get lots of chores done, as well as lots of sewing. Nope, didn't happen. Just could not settle down. Then when I read Finn's post this morning, I said "YES!!", that's it! This weather has messed up biorythms and all that stuff. LOL Made my brain even more scattered and skittish than it already is (and that's bad enough!). BTW, for those of you who aren't familiar with Finn and her blog (Pieces from my Scrapbag), you really should go check her out. She is such an excellent writer (she reminds me of my sister, Flan, who has that knack for being able to write and have it just flow and you want to just sit and read and read and you hate to see the "end" approaching ;p), and can just put it out there, and it is what I've spent all this time trying to put into words. :) Okay, I know I'm rambling, so I'll hush. Anyway, if you haven't been to visit Finn, you really should go visit her.

The snowman is one that I made last year. I really enjoyed making him, as I recall. Okay, I'm out of here. I need to go for a walk now. :o)

Friday, January 05, 2007


I thought I would share a couple more photos of the bluebirds that I took the other morning. :p

I'm having a hard time deciding what fabrics to do the "Applique Designs" out of. Should I do them in: 30s, Thimbleberries, Christmas, or just go for scrappy? Weigh in with your opinion as to choice. :p

I'm trying to gather up what Christmas decorations I had out; I'm also working on "undressing" the tree so that it's ready to go out when Randy gets home tomorrow. I always drag my feet on this part of the holidays. I really miss my tree lights once the tree goes out, altho I keep a couple of small trees with lights out all year round. It's also a rainy, gloomy day--perfect for sewing but I'm having trouble (as usual) settling down and concentrating. I have a mile-long list of chores that are demanding attention. Too bad I'm in one of those "just don't want to" moods LOL. I AM going to make bread today. I had thoughts of going for a few groceries but promptly ditched that idea, at least for today. It's supposed to be 70 deg. here today. I don't know where Winter is hiding at. I'm longing for one of those Denver snows so I can just hole up by the fire and sew (as soon as I figure out which fabrics to use, that is ROFL).

Well, this certainly isn't accomplishing anything, and there are a few things that HAVE to be done today. Hope everyone is geared up for a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ready, Set, Go

Applique, that is. :~p This morning was COLD, heavy frost, and so foggy I could barely see the barn from here. It was so frosty it looked like it had snowed. I got several awesome pictures of the bluebirds, tho, checking out the nesting box. There were 4 males, and several females that I saw. It was really cute, they looked like they were drawing straws to see which couple got the 'house'. :D

I actually got a project prepped and ready for hand-applique, which I'm planning to start working on in a few minutes. I got Randy off to Florida today, so I have from now until Saturday afternoon to get some chores done, AND some time in my 'playroom'. LOL I also started trying to crochet another hat last night with the wool yarn that I ordered before Christmas. I really really want to make one and try felting it. But you see, I'm a beginner crocheter, and altho I have found some awesome websites with tutorials/instructions, I really just know basic stitches. And every time I think I've found a pattern that's simple, I run into another stitch that I can't figure Post Double Crochet. The DC I know, but I really need a warm body here to demonstrate how to do the stitch. :) So, I unraveled the yarn ONE MORE TIME, and started ANOTHER pattern that I found on the 'net. We shall see...

I'm really really bad at finishing projects. I like starting them but...well, I've decided to be like May Britt. If I want to start something, I'm going to start it. So what if it ends up being a WISP (i.e., Work In Slow Process). At least I'm never bored cause I have enough projects to start to last me two or three with that prelude, I'm going to join May Britt, Nadine and Darlene in appliquing a 6" block a week from the book Applique Designs. I'm trying to decide if I want to use Christmas colors (red/green/gold/maybe a bit of purple), or 30s fabric, hmmmm, will have to ponder colors some more, but I'm going to go for it.

I'm also prepping those redwork snowmen blocks that Norma and Linda J are doing. I'm planning to do them in blue rather than red too.

Now, no pressure here to post pics. I'm just going to start nice and easy. It's supposed to be fun, and I always hesitate to commit with my blogger friends because I know that I'll end up feeling bad when I don't constantly have a new block to post a picture of but...hey....just remember that I suffer from SEVERE ADD!!! ROFL

The fire and the couch are calling me to come sew so that's where I'll be for the rest of the evening if you need me. LOL

Monday, January 01, 2007

Ta Da

I got the three main surfaces cleared in my 'stewdio'. :D And I've also done a bit of handwork today, but alas, I can't show them yet. In time, tho. ;p My next area to tackle are the 'organized' piles in the floor, then move to the connecting room which has my computer, and OMG, MORE PILES! ROFL But I've made a good start, and I can go cut and sew in relative comfort and peace now. :D

Randy actually stayed up with me last night, and we watched the ball drop. That may have been the 3rd time in 13 years that he's stayed up with me. :D It must have been 1:00 a.m. before I turned off my light, and the pups were up at their normal time ringing their alarm bells for me to get up and feed them -- flapping those long ears of theirs is their alarm for me. LOL

It's been a cold, grey day. The wind has just been wicked! As my momma used to say, it would cut you like a knife. :0 But it was nice to just be outside for a short while with my thoughts of the year past and the year ahead. Then I came back in and had a fresh cup of coffee in front of the fire to warm back up. One of my favorite kinds of days.

My ONLY two resolutions are to make me a Christmas quilt during January, and to NOT make any more resolutions. LOL I'm so bad at keeping them, and I certainly don't need any more weight on my mind, so there. No resolutions. :) I made phone calls, worked on clearing surfaces in the sewing room, read through blogland, went out for a short walk, and tried to take a nap. No luck with that one LOL, but I've tried to do a bit of all the things that I would like to do during the coming year. ;p

Hope everyone has had a wonderful first day of 2007!