Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Hot Week Has Gone Into the Memory Bank

I promised Dazy Darlene I would post some pics of several of the projects that I have going right now, so here they are. I pulled out this Punkins 4 Sale that Glorie and I had both started, hmmm, when? last year? and she finished her's but I (as usual) didn't. Vera over at KCQuilter reminded me with one of her posts that I had this in some partially-constructed stage. :> I discovered that I already had it spray-basted and ready to quilt, so I'm practicing my machine-quilting skills (of which I have none LOL) with this. I have the Punkins 4 Sale strip to quilt and the outer pieced border, and it will be ready to bind! Yes!!

Then there's my rughooking that I pulled out while Randy was gone last week. Can you tell I'm well into the 'Fall' mode??? :> Fall just happens to be my most favorite time of the year, and I love EVERYTHING about it!! So I'm always starting Fall projects. :) What's rare are the ones that get finished in time for the current season/year's use. LOL

And there's the basket wallhanging. This is a Pat Sloan pattern from one of her earlier books. I seem to gravitate to needleturn applique which is slow going for those of us that have a serious ADDisorder LOL. Nevertheless, these are a few of the projects that I'm playing with right now. I have also started prowling through strips that are already cut with a 'little quilt' on my mind. Think I'll ever get them all finished? These of course do NOT include the stack of WIPs that grows ever bigger by the month! :>

There are surveyors on the lot next to us this afternoon. :( I guess it sold. This could get really interesting here. The lot was bought by a close friend of Randy's right after we bought ours, with the understanding that we would NEVER have to worry about 'strangers' building right on top of us. Now, he's (the BF ??) in the process of selling it. He gave us about 2 days' worth of 'first right of refusal'--$50,000 in 2 days? Sooooo....I guess I better start working on my 'accepting the things that I cannot change' stuff again. Where oh where did I put that Serenity Prayer when I moved it last??? LOL

Storms are teasing us. It just will not rain here. Rains all around us but not on my 'head'. :( Thunder has rocked the house and we didn't get a drop of rain....I keep turning the Weather Channel on hoping to juju it into making it rain here. :D And I am anxiously awaiting those cooler temps.

I've had some new 'friends' stop by to visit my blog. Thank you sooo much! It just makes my day to find comments left on my blog, from my faithful online friends to new ones. :) Stop by any time. :D The coffee is always on. There's usually some tea around too. :>

Tanya, girl, you missed out on the boatrides for this Summer. We just took the boat out of the water on Monday. Lake levels are dropping fast. Maybe next year? Of course, aside from the boat, you're always welcome to visit me. :D

Thursday, August 23, 2007

WoooHooo Happy Dancin'

This girl is doing a happy happy dance!!! I just got the most special phone call---from my blogger friend/separated-at-birth twin--Quilting Daze Darlene!!! Now I ask you, can my day get any better??? :D How awesome to put a voice with my Dazy friend. The only thing better would have been if she could have just run right on over for a cup of coffee (or a glass of iced tea, seeing as how the temperature hit a high of 102 here today :/) with me, but hey, I'll take the phone call ANY time! :D Thank you so much, dear friend, for that most special treat. We'll definitely do it again (on my nickel next time LOL).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First picture is of a Bald Eagle in my cove--isn't he majestic!! (click on photos to enlarge)

Randy just left for Dalton, GA, where I'm sure it's even hotter than it is here!! He'll be gone until Sunday evening, so what's a girl to do? Well, let's see, there's some house cleaning (yuk) on the list, I've already pulled out my pumpkin rughooking piece that's been stuffed in the closet since, hmmmm, last Fall? You know by now that I don't like to rush ANYTHING :D. I have new quilt books to drool over, and a BUNCH of WIPs that I'm going to pull out and play with. I have my Little Quilts books all out to peruse. There are so many bloggers doing doll quilts and doll quilt swaps right now that I keep wanting to do one too. :P Even Glorie's quilt guild challenge quilt was a 'little' quilt. She made a cute, cute little quilt, and did get some of the quilting done on it while she was here.

Speaking of Glorie, we had a fast, fun and furious visit weekend before last. They always are. LOL The first picture of her is how she spent the afternoon she got here (Friday)--looking through that huge stack of new books that I have and she hasn't decided she can't live without yet. ;P I do think she went home with quite a long list of 'gotta have' quilt books. :>) And of course we had to take her on a boat ride.

The other two pictures are of a little wrought-iron plant stand and a felted wool bag that I picked up at the thrift shop last week. I have several more things that I bought, but I haven't taken pictures of them yet--soon, tho. :)

I know that there are a gazillion quilters out there this week that are either getting ready to go or have already left for the Nashville Quilt show. I'm just green with envy--but oh so glad for all of you that are getting to go this year! :) I'm definitely thinking of you.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forecast for Today---HOT---101 Deg.

Where have I been? What have I been into? Why no posts? One might ask these questions, right? LOL Well, I would have to say that I've been right here while life has been happening. :D Glorie came last Friday for a quilty (or I should say 'shopping') weekend visit with me. We had a wonderful time--fast and furious, as usual, since we did a LOT of prowling in Ben Franklin and Wal-Mart. We did take her out on Friday afternoon for a boat ride. Saturday night we crashed and watched a movie on Hallmark with Valeri Bertinelli, and I had a ton of new books (yes, quilting books :> -- I'm been on a quilt book buying binge lately :/ ) she had to look through. We actually didn't do any sewing to speak of, although our whole weekend was spent in thought and talk :> of quilting and quilts and quilt books. :P Our time together is just sooooo fun cause we constantly bounce ideas for quilts and our sewing stewdios off of each other. :P I've started back on a walking regimen. I've been going out every morning now for almost two weeks. Today, I over-slept, so my walk wasn't until 10 a.m.---hot, hot, hot already, but I DID IT!! I feel so much better about myself when I exercise on a regular basis. My diet consists of mostly veggies and fruits already and has for months--so--if my weight gain isn't going away unless I start moving more, well, then so be it---I'm GOING TO MOVE MORE---I'M GOING TO GET THIS WEIGHT DOWN!!! I went to the thrift shop yesterday. Haven't been in months and months, so I just took the opportunity since I had to go pick up some things at the grocery store anyway. I found several treasures that I'll post pics of later (haven't photographed them yet). I also found two odd-size windows and an old rectangular cabinet that I didn't buy and wished I had, so I called them when I got home and asked them to hold them for me. Randy has had mediations every day this week, and has had to use my car (the truck is sick and needs to go to the dr. :/), so I have to wait until in the morning to go pick those up. He was home from mediation by Noon on Tuesday which is why I had the car to use Tuesday afternoon. :) I know this is real 'ramble' but I haven't posted in over a week. So, just wanted to let everyone know that everyone at Ship's Landing is surviving the heat. :P

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ooooh, Look at My Treasure!!

Look what I got from Quilting Daze Darlene!!! Isn't it lovely? It's a pincushion that she made for me, and the fabrics are just gorgeous...and her quilting is wonderful! :D Thank you sooo much, Dazy! You are just the best friend, and you'll never know how special this gift is to me! :>

The embroidery is from my wonderful friend, Finn. I posted a picture earlier, and like the dunce that I can be at times :>, I had photographed the piece upside down. As you can see, she embroidered the most lovely "A" for me!!! Isn't it gorgeous? Thank you, again, my friend! :D This may very well become the center of a wallhanging, or maybe a pillow (?). :>

It's so hot here you could fry eggs on our porch! Makes me even more lethargic than I am normally (and that's pretty lazy LOL). It's 92 deg. and the heat index is over 100. Let me tell you, that is just waaaay tooo hot for this ole girl!! So I'm spending my time going back and forth between helping Randy with paperwork, cutting and piecing several basket blocks, appliquing on a wallhanging, and reading one of those 'murder &mayhem' books that are my favorites. :>

Now, I think I'll head to the couch with my book and a cold drink. :p