Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update on Dewey

Dewey has nice clean white teeth now! :) However, he does have several problems. For starters, he was dehydrated. His calcium level is way too high. He has a kidney and a bladder infection. The vet is concerned that he may have a form of malignent cancer which may be causing the calcium elevation. At this point, it's too soon to know ANYTHING for I'm going positive until I have proof that there is something serious that I need to worry about. He has antibiotics for 14 days, and then she will want to see him again for more blood work to try to determine the cause of the inflated calcium levels. Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and prayers for my sweet 'boy'. :)

I just have to share with the world at large that my birthday (2-26-08) was super special from start to finish. My dear friend, Dazey Darlene, started my day with a special phone call with a birthday wish!! Thank you so much, my EBFF!! :) And my siblings called throughout the day. I spent the day with one of my seesters -- Sug and BIL Fred, and we had a great time. She made our most favorite Wacky Chocolate Cake for us too. ;) Yum!!! And such FUN gifties--a bucket of ground wheat bran to start our meal worm farm for the Bluebirds, and conduit pipe to raise my Shepherd's crooks up higher so that the deer can't eat the birdseed, and HUGE pinecones from South Carolina so I can make me some peanut butter/birdseed coated pinecones to hang for the birdies, and and and a stitchery kit and a candlewicking pillow kit and and and hmmmm

Then we went to Lowe's and bought me a wonderful storm door, and a new spading fork for the garden, and the most special telescoping rake, and birdseed and and oh I know, I got me a WOOD CHISEL!!!! Now how fun will THAT be????? :D Oh, and a roll of chicken wire to try to discourage the deer from eating my baby bushes and trees and flowers and such. :D

When we got back to my house there was a florist box on my porch. My dear sweet quilting niece, Glorie, sent me the most BEAUTIFUL pink tulips and purple irises...oh my goodness, they are just breathtakingly beautiful!! No one has ever sent me tulips OR irises before!

One of my seesters played the most beautiful song for me...over the phone...on our Mom's piano which she now very special that was!! A Dream of Love (the song)

Vickie (my SIL) and brother, Den, called me. It's always so much fun to talk to Den and Vickie...gotta talk 'wood' with my brother! :) My seester, Flan, called and we spent the most delightful time talking about birds and trees and plants and Spring Fever!!! My seester, Nita, left a message on the answering machine (cuz I was out partyin' with my other seester, Sug ROFL), then Nita caught me today for a wonderful chat --- yup, about birds and trees and plants and such.....Oh it was all just so special!!!!

Now, I know without a doubt that I've left someone or something out, but not because it was any less special or appreciated---just because I'm really tired now and my pea brain is drawing blanks ROFL. I'm getting off of here, but I just had to share some of this. :D

BTW, the last photo is of a coyote that was in the field right behind my house. I actually took this photo from my kitchen window.

Edit: How could I forget to tell you what was in the black bag----one of the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT gifties of ALL-------SHEEP POOP (well, bedding, anyway ROFL) from my new friend, Flanie!!!! Lest you don't understand why one with red high heels would get excited about Sheep Poop...well it's for my flowerbeds, of course!!! *laughing hilarariously*

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Trip to the Vet

We had to take the 'boys' to the vet on the 12th for their annual check up. The vet noticed a growth on Dewey's gum between his front teeth. Yesterday we went back for her to look at it again (after antibiotics which didn't do anything) and decide what to do. So he is scheduled for teeth-cleaning and surgical removal of the growth next Thursday. She did x-ray his little head and found a shadow in the area of this growth. Everything else looked good. But she did say that it concerned her...that it could possibly be a form of cancer "which is very aggressive". Needless to say, I'm really concerned about my little Dewey. He'll be 13 next month, so he is definitely getting some age on him. He's grown stiff and slow, but he is still the sweetest, best-natured dog I've ever had.

It's raining. I know, I know--it could be sleet, snow and ice like some of our 'neighbors' in this country are having, but I would almost rather have the snow than the grey, cold, dreary rain. But I must admit, it's really matching my mood today. Some friends were in a car accident a couple of days ago, and the husband was killed. I'm just so very sad to know that Clayton doesn't share this world with us now, and that Jewell will have to begin a path of learning to live without him by her side.

Shock Alert---I have actually picked up a block that Dazy Darlene and I were stitching 'together', hmmmm, last Fall, maybe? and have been doing a bit of applique. I feel like a 'newbie' cuz it's been absolutely ages since I have done any sewing. I need to take a picture of my progess with the knitted shawl. :) Just to prove I haven't been totally idle, lying around eating bonbons, and growing more fat. ;) Actually some of the previous statement HAS been taking place but we just won't go there today. :/

Thursday, February 21, 2008

She is ALIVE! :)

Life has been getting in the way of those more fun things that I like to indulge in. I'm longing for Spring...spinning my wheels, accomplishing nothing, chores piling up like boulders on my I get yet another cup of coffee and park in front of the window to watch the birds...

Friday, February 01, 2008


I know I've been 'away' for a while. :/ Just living life. :) Thought I would share some treasures with you that I found last Friday, when I spent the entire day with a new friend, Nancy, who has the local yarn shop, Ewe and I.

This bookcase is a perfect fit at the end of my island. Got some of the cookbooks off of the counter. :) (Oops, shoulda moved the cigarettes...Randy's always telling me I need to look at what will be in the background of the pictures before I snap them :/)A couple of pretty plates that had to come home with me (even tho the larger one is discolored, I still love it)
Oh, look at this treasure---I have wanted one of these 'old' toolboxes forever...and I finally found it!!!
Don't you just love this wooden bucket? The lady that owns the antique shop painted it red...I LOVE it!!
And last, but by no means least, look at this 'beauty'!!! Oh he's adorable!! And my little Badger just creeped up on him .... growling... several times Badger had to 'stake his claim' LOL with this little wienie planter. :)

I am home alone today, until Sunday afternoon. Last night I started doing some embroidery again. I've also been knitting a bit. I'm going out to lunch with a couple of friends tomorrow. I'm becoming quite the social butterfly, aren't I? *g* (Not bloody likely ROFL)

The wind is really ripping today. I have a fire going in the stove, and I'm heating water for a cup of tea. Hope all of you are snuggled in and ready for a lovely weekend.