Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello World, won't you come on in...

and I'll fill you in on this long blog gap of mine. :)

My dear, dear friend, Finn, sent me the most delightful 'mailbox sunshine', and it could not have come at a more welcome time! Imagine my utter surprise and delight when I found this little package in my mailbox! :) She sent me my very own Finn-created rag rug coaster!!! :) And yummy cherry chocolate M&Ms (I had no idea they even made cherry chocolate M&Ms) :), and this wonderful book---thank you so very much, my dear Finn! (Give Mz. Ebbie hugs for me)

Now, on to the yuck stuff---it's all been just a mess of medical appts and such boring stuff that I've not had the interest in sharing it. :/ In a nutshell, Randy has been dealing with more medical issues, and is now scheduled for sinus surgery next Tuesday (May 6), and I've just had a round of tests yesterday through the cardiologist. In my case, it's just a 'hurry up and wait' game now. All of this heart hoopla was brought about due to my irregular heart beat and extreme fatigue. My MD wanted me to see a cardiologist to make sure there were no 'hidden' issues. So, I'm going on with my regular 'rat killin' and diggin' holes in the yard, LOL, and they can call me if they (being doctors) need to tell me I'm on the verge of dropping. ROFL

Dewey seems to have pulled out of the kidney problem, but he's having a horrible time getting around now. His front legs are barely working for him, and the vet had mentioned that he has a problem with his back in the neck area. Poor little fella is just going from one struggle to another. And of course Badger's back is flaring up again....of course it is, we're going into the first week of May, aren't we? :/ As much as I love Spring, I always dread the first week of May every year since 2002 cause Badger always ends up with a disc going on him and spending 4-6 weeks crated. Soooooo, how many of you out there in blogland want to come spend some time at Ships Landing Hospital and Rehab Center? ROFLLLL

I have been spending ALL of my waking hours outside.....no surprise there, right? *g* We've been having the most wonderful weather...until today, and the morning temp was 36, and it's slated for a freeze tonight. Of Course, I've already bought some annuals to plant, but thank goodness, I've been holding off, waiting for May to put them in the ground. Last night I was outside dragging the hems of my 'loungejay' britches through the rain-wet grass, in the dark, trying to find those little pots that I had scattered throughout the beds, to bring them on the porch, where they will stay for a few days now.

I must must call my seester, Flan, and make sure no tornadoes landed on their house last night. Flan, are you and Jay safe??? I just read online this a.m. about the tornadoes there in the Richmond area. I'll call you later today. :)

So, there you have it in a nutshell, my family and friends, the fun happenins at Ships Landing. :)

I just read through the comments on my last post, and thank you -all of you--for your kind comments and prayers for my furkids!!! You will never know just how much that touches my heart! All of my blogging 'family' have become such a part of my life in such a special way in such a short time, and I feel bad that I'm not posting very often right now. I will, I will, soon, I promise, but thank you sooo much for hanging in there with me for the time being, during these medical messes. 'This too shall pass', and please, can it be soon??? ROFL PSS--I've actually done some needleturn applique the last TWO nights! Wooohooo! :D