Monday, June 16, 2008


We FINALLY got RAIN on Saturday! Oh my goodness, I was beside myself, I was so excited! Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day, and I spent it with Sug and Freddie (my seester and BIL) at their place in the country. We had a lovely day together. :)

Now I'm looking forward to slightly cooler temps that we're being promised for this week so I can avail myself of the first photo. ;D

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot, Humid June--Where is Spring?

Yucca plant in bloom

No cooking, no sewing, no porch-sitting-----tooooo HOT!!! One wonders how these little baby Swallows can stand the heat in those birdhouses!!! Now, our own resident Kermit has the right idea--- he's spending his days under the cool shade of the coleus leaves (of little plants that are awaiting a permanent home, either in the ground or in a pot).

Hope everyone is staying cool in this August heat we're having in early June! I'm sending envious thoughts to my friends in Wisconsin and those other northern states that are getting all of the rain. You have too much....we have too little. *sigh* It's dry as a dustbowl here! :/