Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot, Humid June--Where is Spring?

Yucca plant in bloom

No cooking, no sewing, no porch-sitting-----tooooo HOT!!! One wonders how these little baby Swallows can stand the heat in those birdhouses!!! Now, our own resident Kermit has the right idea--- he's spending his days under the cool shade of the coleus leaves (of little plants that are awaiting a permanent home, either in the ground or in a pot).

Hope everyone is staying cool in this August heat we're having in early June! I'm sending envious thoughts to my friends in Wisconsin and those other northern states that are getting all of the rain. You have too much....we have too little. *sigh* It's dry as a dustbowl here! :/


Vicki W said...

Those are terrific photos of your swallows! Looks like they are ready to leave soon.

Carolyn said...

Your pictures are fabulous, so clear and close. I'm jealous...

Enjoy our weekend!

meggie said...

What wonderful photos!
I have never seen a Kermit that colour before! How wonderful.
I wish you cool breezes. .... & some of our unseasonal rain.

Libby said...

Hopefully some drops of rain will come your way soon *s*

Darlene said...

Well, there you are!!!!! Where have you been????? I've been missing you but decided you might just need a little respite!


Darcie said...

Good to hear from you!!!

Even though your pictures are glorious, I can empathize with your drought conditions. We too were very dry...but have been fortunate to now receive precip. I'll keep my prayers ascended for your relief as well.

Remember to: crochet; quilt; keep cool; stay healthy; drink water.

Sending you hugs from North Dakota!

Finn said...

Hi Angie, gee, I'd sure send you some of our rain and gray skies and cool temps...if only I could!
Sorry to hear you are baking down there!
The pictures are great! What a good eye you have, for a picture to share. Thinking of you often, Hugs, Finn

Valerie said...

Pictures are just beautiful! I love your blog. I am in Georgia and it is so hot here too.

Dorothy said...

Hi Angie,

The photos of the swallows are wonderful.

Mary said...

Amen, Angie! Where did spring go? 100 today!

Your swallow photos make ma heart melt. You see, I had a brook of 5 on my front porch two years ago. It's a long story, but they never came back to nest and it was my fault. I never saw the fledgings leave.

You're so lucky to get those shots! They're beautiful!

And, thanks for your kind comments. You have a lovely blog here, too. I want to drop by often but I'm so overwhelmed with life this time of year :o)

Invite me to your Kodak page! maryferr at carolina dot rr dot com

Or, was I supposed to e-mail you?



Mary said...

I meant "brood"...

Mary said...

Angie, you might enjoy must post tonight. All due to you.

Hope you are cooling off. We had a cool 93 today :o)


Diane said...

Long Island, NY, joined you in the heat wave! We have bird houses, but they are filled with sparrows. Great pictures!