Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Glorious Early Fall Day

The first Phoebe that I've seen at a feeder :)
Mr. Tom Turkey
Beautiful Bluebird
These little cuties were adorable playing in the birdbath
Goldenrod in front of my Carolina Cypress tree
The last few days have just been breathtaking---the temps are perfect, there's a breeze in the air, the sunlight has that lemony look to it, the birds are having a ball, and all of nature keeps tempting me outside---to dig in the 'cement', snap oodles of pictures of the birds and blooms, to sit on the porch with a Country Sampler magazine dreaming and woolgathering---fishing in the evenings with a sweatshirt on *s*--- Badger seems to be feeling a bit less lethargic. I can only hope that the antibiotic is taking care of the E-Coli infection, and that the prednisone is helping his back. He goes back to the vet tomorrow. I have a dr's appt. this afternoon just for a check up, and my glasses are ready for me to pick up. Oh, I do hope that I made a good choice in size and how they fit. There will be no changing my mind for a long time, if not, because they were so expensive. I'm really anxious to get them -- fingers are crossed that I will be able to see 'near and far' LOL with only ONE pair rather than the requisite TWO pairs that I drag around with me right now. :0

Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on Badger

Red Collar is Dewey Blue Collar is Badger
Our vet called this afternoon to let me know that she had the results of the urine tests back. Badger also has E.Coli bacteria in his kidneys. She also said that another cause of the instability in his back and head could possibly be mini-strokes. I asked her if she would just shoot us all and be done with it. My poor little fella really has a fight on his hands. This is the same infection that we almost lost Dewey to in March. I'm giving him so many meds now that I hold my breath each time expecting him to start vomiting them up. So, here at Ships Landing, it truly is 'one day at a time'.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

Badger went to see his regular vet this a.m. She totally DISAGREES with the vet that we saw on Tuesday. She had the blood results back and everything was good with that. She said she saw no signs of anything in the blood work results NOR in physically examining him that would indicate a tumor. HER diagnosis is that the muscles and nerves in his neck and upper back are causing all of the strange symptoms he's displaying. She feels that the 'twitch' with the head and the 'nobody's at home' stares are directly due to muscle spasms and pain. Now, the back issues I can understand, having had so much experience with his lower back. He's had so many discs deteriorate in his lower back that I've been wondering for a long time now when (not if :/) he would develop issues with the discs in his upper back. He's to take the Prednisone twice a day, along with a pain med, be crated the majority of the day, and be on a leash anytime he is outside (which is a lot right now due to the prednisone making them so thirsty that they gulp gallons of water). She wants to see him back next Thursday. Soooo, meanwhile, we wait and see, and this little girl is on a really scary emotional roller coaster ride--- A bit of other news is that I definitely need eyeglasses, for reading AND every-day tasks such as driving, so I will have my brand new for-real grown-up glasses WITH RED FRAMES (the frames are skinny little ones--wanted the wide red ones but they just didn't work *g*) next week. AND they will be progressive, transitional lenses (no line where the bifocal is and they transition into sunglasses outside) AND they will be non-glare so driving at night should be a much more pleasant experience. I am excited because the lack of clarity no matter what I'm doing has become a huge PITA problem.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Heart is Shattering, Piece by Piece

Dewey on the left/Badger on the right
Berries on the Dogwood tree are beautiful
I decided I couldn't wait until tomorrow to talk to the vet, so I called them yesterday a.m. to see if I could bring him in for someone to have a look at him. I just felt like he was much worse with the "shaking". I saw a vet that I hadn't met before yesterday, and I really liked her. There are three female vets in the clinic that I take the boys to. I haven't met the other one yet, either. She spent a lot of time with me and Badger, long enough that he actually did end up doing this weird little 'twitch'. It is not good. It's worse than 'not good'. She thinks the little twitches are probably Petit Mal Seizures, which is what Badger's regular vet had told me on the phone the day before. That in and of itself wouldn't be so bad EXCEPT that they have just started happening recently. If he'd had them all of his life, like Dewey, well, that would be different. It seems that when they develop them at Badger's age, which is almost 12, they're usually indicative of something else. There's a good possibility that my precious pup has a brain tumor. How absolutely surreal that looks. How can that have anything to do with my all-boy, vivacious, happy little Sugar Pup??? My heart feels like it is literally being ripped out of my chest. This is not 'just a dog' to me....this pup is 'the child of my heart'. I have very swollen eyes to greet the optometrist this morning. Ahhh shit, I can't write any more of this now. More later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lovely Cool Weather

Dewey likes Shushi :)
This is a REALLLY nice Largemouth Bass
My very first (scratchy Yuk) poncho :)
My sweet Badger
I think we splattered the camera with water when playing with that big Bass cuz it looks like 'ghostie orbs' in this picture :D Oh man, yesterday was just a perfect day for being outside!! Overcast, in the 70s all day, I actually got outside and dug in the dirt. I was amazed that I was able to actually use my shovel! I haven't been able to even hammer that thing in the ground since early this year due to the amazing 'red clay concrete' that I call dirt here. :) Ever tried digging in clay pottery? :D I even went for a walk, something I keep trying to get back into the daily habit of. I did take some 'birds and blooms' shots but I'll save those for another day. This time, I've posted the photos that I referenced in my last post, with the exception for the one of my Badger. Unfortunately, Badger's having some new problems, and I'm really afraid they're neurological. He has this tiny little twitch to his head. You think he's going to shake his ears, you know, that thing that dogs do? But then it's like just a tiny little abbreviated twitch. Occasionally it will travel down his whole body. It's there one second and gone the next. When he first developed it I couldn't decide if I was actually seeing it, if you know what I mean. But sure enough, he has something going on...and he's wobbly in the hindquarters again, so I've started him on pred for that. You don't even want to know what kind of mood I've been in for the last couple of days over him. He's got an appt with the vet on Thursday a.m. for cleaning his teeth that's been scheduled for a while. I did call the vet yesterday and filled her in on how he's been, so he's still going in Thursday a.m. and maybe I'll find out something about what his problem is.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Thunder and Lightning, Oh My!

I thought I was dreaming a wonderful dream---only I hadn't gone to sleep yet!! And poor Badger was having kaniption fits. My poor little fella HATES storms---and his Momma loves them!! :) And the rain came--- along with the wind and a fantastic light and sound show. I actually got to fall asleep listening to the rain beat against the windows and running down the downspout. It was absolutely heavenly. I can't even remember the last date we had rain. I know it's been several weeks, and then it was only a one-day event. It's been so dry we will take all we can get, tho...and yet we feel for those we've had way more than their share of rain and flooding. And Ike is on his way bringing more wet to those southern states. I can only hope that some of it will make its way up here. I've been out sorting and pulling some weeds. :) I have no flowerbeds---only weedbeds---with an abundance and quite a variety of weeds, so I seized the moment and decided to sort out a few of those. ;) I have been doing some beginner's knitting...made a simple poncho and some two-stick booties :D. I also made a small appliqued Halloween banner. I need to take a picture of it. It isn't quilted yet (of course not!) but it won't take long to give it some blanket stitches and simple quilt stitches. :) I'm really in the mood to cut and sew some fabric. I love love love Autumn and I want to make one of everything I see that has pumpkins and apples and crows and leaves and scarecrows and fodder shocks and and and --well, I guess you get that picture, huh? ROFL--all of those scrumptious colors of Fall. :D I always go into nesting mode when the season is changing to Fall (now if these darn 90 deg temps would just scoot on out of here I could fire up the stove!! ;D). I've started some sourdough bread starter again, I even made a fresh apple cake recently. I've been making pizza dough for homemade pizzas, and I found me a recipe for biscuits baked in a cast iron skillet. I canned 16 quarts and 16 pints of tomatoes week before last, and I'm ready to start using them in soups and stews and spaghetti sauce. :) The Tennessee Valley Authority, that controls our lake level, has left our lake up at a level that we can actually leave our boat in for some Fall fishing, and we've gone out the last several evenings to fish and soak in this lovely scenery. Randy has caught several largemouth bass each time we've been out, and one of them was a whopper. I'm trying to add a picture of it but blogger is being stubborn about it. I even caught a largemouth but he was only about 14". :) We always release them back into the lake, but one of these days we're going to keep some and have a fish fry. And as always, I'm still feeding and watching the hummingbirds (they're thinning out, I know they've already started their long journey) and my goldfinches and bluebirds. Will have to do photos another time---blogger just refuses to upload them. :/