Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Glorious Early Fall Day

The first Phoebe that I've seen at a feeder :)
Mr. Tom Turkey
Beautiful Bluebird
These little cuties were adorable playing in the birdbath
Goldenrod in front of my Carolina Cypress tree
The last few days have just been breathtaking---the temps are perfect, there's a breeze in the air, the sunlight has that lemony look to it, the birds are having a ball, and all of nature keeps tempting me outside---to dig in the 'cement', snap oodles of pictures of the birds and blooms, to sit on the porch with a Country Sampler magazine dreaming and woolgathering---fishing in the evenings with a sweatshirt on *s*--- Badger seems to be feeling a bit less lethargic. I can only hope that the antibiotic is taking care of the E-Coli infection, and that the prednisone is helping his back. He goes back to the vet tomorrow. I have a dr's appt. this afternoon just for a check up, and my glasses are ready for me to pick up. Oh, I do hope that I made a good choice in size and how they fit. There will be no changing my mind for a long time, if not, because they were so expensive. I'm really anxious to get them -- fingers are crossed that I will be able to see 'near and far' LOL with only ONE pair rather than the requisite TWO pairs that I drag around with me right now. :0


Screen Door said...

Angie - Sounds like you're living "The Life". Great photos... My Mom always told me that if you don't like yourself and can't enjoy your own company, how can you expect anyone else to??? Sounds like you are enjoying life. I loved the Fall country sampler magazine. And there's nothing like Sweatshirt weather--- and the older the sweatshirt--- the better.....

Libby said...

Fall is here . . . even in the land where fall doesn't really happen *s* But I'm living living through the photos of everyone else! Hope Badger continues to improve . . . Harper and I will hold him (and you) in our thoughts.

meggie said...

Your Autumn looks so lovely!
I hope your glasses are perfect!
Sounds like Badger could be feeling better.