Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

Badger went to see his regular vet this a.m. She totally DISAGREES with the vet that we saw on Tuesday. She had the blood results back and everything was good with that. She said she saw no signs of anything in the blood work results NOR in physically examining him that would indicate a tumor. HER diagnosis is that the muscles and nerves in his neck and upper back are causing all of the strange symptoms he's displaying. She feels that the 'twitch' with the head and the 'nobody's at home' stares are directly due to muscle spasms and pain. Now, the back issues I can understand, having had so much experience with his lower back. He's had so many discs deteriorate in his lower back that I've been wondering for a long time now when (not if :/) he would develop issues with the discs in his upper back. He's to take the Prednisone twice a day, along with a pain med, be crated the majority of the day, and be on a leash anytime he is outside (which is a lot right now due to the prednisone making them so thirsty that they gulp gallons of water). She wants to see him back next Thursday. Soooo, meanwhile, we wait and see, and this little girl is on a really scary emotional roller coaster ride--- A bit of other news is that I definitely need eyeglasses, for reading AND every-day tasks such as driving, so I will have my brand new for-real grown-up glasses WITH RED FRAMES (the frames are skinny little ones--wanted the wide red ones but they just didn't work *g*) next week. AND they will be progressive, transitional lenses (no line where the bifocal is and they transition into sunglasses outside) AND they will be non-glare so driving at night should be a much more pleasant experience. I am excited because the lack of clarity no matter what I'm doing has become a huge PITA problem.


Jen said...

I like her diagnosis better. I have horribly tight shoulders/neck/upper back, etc. and I could totally see how that could make him twitch. If it's inflamed enough and the muscles get caught in the ribs or something.

Carol said...

Oh I like this vet much better. That is a much better diagnosis...more good thoughts coming your way.

Lookin' Back Wondering said...

You're not alone on your emotional roller coaster. I think Mom and I,both, were just as heart broken as you about Badger. At least this news seems much more encouraging. We'll keep saying little prayers and sending lots of love your way!

Mary said...

Angie, I understand your grief. Sometimes I think we agonize over our pets more than we do for humans. They're so innocent, can't tell us where it hurts, and rely on us completely for relief. I had a cocker spaniel who suffered a great deal from epilepsy and a back problem. Unfortunately, she was aggressive in pain and we had to make a horrible decision.

So at least your baby is still sweet. I like this new opinion. Hang in there!

I hope you like your new eyeglasses! I have the same type - have needed them for many years.