Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank you, Sharon

at Red Geranium Cottage for the heart block tutorial. Mine measures 8-3/4". I don't know what it's actually supposed to be. :) Go check it out. She did a GREAT job!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Red and White

So, whadaya think....will it go with my red high heels for Valentine's Day? ROFL

7 Random Things About Moi

1 - I love chocolate-covered raisins....but I HATE raisins plain or in anything else. 2 - I'm the youngest (by 8 years) child of 9. I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers. 3 - Whenever I open gifts that have bows and/or ribbons on them, I end up sticking the bows in my hair. :D 4 - I have to read every night after I go to bed. I've done this ALL of my life. 5 - I would love to have a horse, a goat, some chickens, and a mini-donkey. :) 6 - I can't volunteer at the animal shelter cuz I would bring them all home with me. :) 7 - I have met the most wonderful people through blogging, will always have a special place in my heart for Finn and Ms. Ebby (she got me started), and have had the world open up in front of me because of blogging. :) And one more for good measure----8 - I have struggled all of my life with an inferiority complex. Lord, am I glad I've reached the wonderful age where those kinds of issues have just disappeared. LOL I am sending HUGE quilted hugs to Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure (yes, I still have trouble putting in links :/) for sending me the YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD!!! :D When I figure out how to get that dang thing linked too, I'll most assuredly pass it along. :0 I had several photos to post but Blogger just let me know they don't want to post photos today *s* so, sorry for no fun critter posts today. :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year...

just a couple of days late. :> I got a new quilt book. Oooh, I do love it!! :D