Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day by Day

Here's a fabric pumpkin that I made recently. Just had to ... know what I mean? LOL I've been working feverishly on a Fall quilty runner for one of my friends. Her birthday is Monday. Yes, I know TOMORROW is Monday...and YES, tomorrow is the deadline. We're meeting for breakfast. I was really really hoping the quilt fairies would come in last night and finish whipping this up for me, but it didn't happen. :/ It would have been finished by now BUT I'm a glutton for punishment. I just had to put some 'fodder shocks' on it and needleturning these little jewels is quite tedious and slow for me. :/ So I'll be on the couch with wienies snuggled next to me feverishly trying to finish this up. Badger is still struggling, some days better than other days, but he is still with us. :) The vet is still inclined to think that it's the nerves and muscles in his neck that is the main problem, adding that that's not necessarily a better diagnosis, especially in light of Badger's previous back problems. She called yesterday to tell me that Dewey has E.Coli AGAIN and this time she's going to treat both of them with antibiotics. Man, these little critters just can't catch a break right now. You guys are great...your comments and encouragement mean so much to me! :) I hope all of you are enjoying these beautiful Fall days.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Update on Badger

I finally got the urine results back on Badger, and the good news is that the E.Coli infection has cleared up. For that, I'm truly thankful. However, he continues to 'decline'. Unfortunately, I'm really starting to believe that the vet who suggested that it might be a brain tumor is right. The 'seizures' have steadily increased not only in frequency but also in intensity, and some of them now involve his whole body. He has them throughout the entire day now. He also has steadily worsened in his balance, especially in the hind legs. And he's really sensitive to the sunlight in his eyes now. The vet has switched him from prednizone to a generic version of Neurotin but I can't see any change at all in him, better OR worse. He just continues to 'decline'. I'm slowly giving way to acceptance that he will probably not recover from whatever it is. Do I really need to tell you how many tears have been shed in the last few weeks? I finally had a long 'talk' with him the other day about the 'Rainbow Bridge', and told him that when he's ready he can go, that I'll be okay as long as I know that he's 'free to chase bugs and deer and run run run with his little ears flying in the breeze without pain'. I'm not giving up on him, but as I said, I'm slowly gaining some acceptance. He will always be the love and light of my life, that one most precious little face with the silky soft fur, with more zest and courage for life than anyone or animal that I know, that one bonded heartbeat, unlike anything I've ever had with all of the pets that I've had throughout my 52 years, that will always be there.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy October 1st!

Can anyone tell me what this little fella is?
Sweet little Bluebird
Look at this beauty---and was she/he loud!
Going, going gone
Look how the foliage is turning
Wow, can you believe that the Summer has passed so quickly? I blinked and went from Spring almost straight into Fall! And what a gorgeous first day of October it is here!! The sun is shining, but the wind is howling around the windows, and it is only 62 deg. (at 1:27 p.m.)! We have gotten in four loads of firewood, stacked and drying, and not a moment too soon. :) I have a big pot of veggie beef soup simmering on the stove for dinner tonight, and the 'boys' are lying here at my feet. In spite of the emotional turmoil of the last couple of weeks over Badger, at this very moment, I'm reveling in a sense of peace and well-being that I've been sorely lacking for quite a while now. I'll take it as I can get it. :) Badger is still not doing very well. For the last several days, he has been so lethargic that he's almost like a dog that I don't know. He had a return visit to the vet this morning. She's sending a urine culture out to another lab to see if the E. Coli infection is clearing up. She also mentioned that his spleen felt a bit large. I have no idea what that means, and for the moment, I didn't ask. I should have the results of the urine test sometime tomorrow, and then we'll see where we go from there. The vet did say that the antibiotic and the prednisone can make them extremely lethargic. Let's just hope that that is what's causing it. I've been so caught up in my Precious Pup's ill health that I haven't even gotten my Fall decorations out yet. I better get on the stick or it will be time for the Santas, and I can just forget about pumpkins and spooks and goblins. :)