Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life Celebration

The Robins and Cedar Waxwings were gathered and singing the most heavenly songs in honor of our sweet Badger, the trees literally alive with the sound of wings and music. It took our breath away. We stood humbled and in awe at what we heard. It was truly a surreal moment in time. (They were still here the day after, which was my 53rd birthday. To my knowledge this was the first time the Robins have come in such a huge flock-- I've never seen a real Waxwing before, and the trees were FULL of them! Click to enlarge for the full effect)


Hannah said...

The Waxwings must have taken heed when I told them they should leave the holly trees in the school yard and fly to Ships Landing...I'm glad they did! Just wondering, have you had a memorial service for 'whittle' Badger?
I love you,

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures...I don't think I've ever seen a Waxwing before...they are beautiful.

Tabor said...

I know that we have waxwings, but I have never seen them here. I love their drama and would love to hear their song.

Mary said...

They came for a reason. :o)


Mrs.P said...

awesome pics angie, happy late birthday , again i share in your sorrow i love my critters soooooooooo much...Maybe ill see you soon, after leaving a friends memorial, this weekend im reminded how short life is and the important things,like our love for eachother left unsaid too often... I love you.