Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring

The Bluebirds are beginning to nest, and the Swallows are trying to decide which rental house they want. I've picked up needle and thread again, and have been doing some applique. My niece, Glorie, was here last weekend for the annual Pigeon Forge Quilt Show, which we attended on Friday, and we each made an apron over the weekend. :) Lots of fun. For the last week, I've been spending several hours a day volunteering at my local vet clinic helping introduce those adorable Beagle puppies to collars and leash. What better therapy could a dog lover have?? :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank you...

for all of the kind, comforting thoughts sent my way. They mean more than you will ever know.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Foggy Morning

The fog is thick as pea soup this morning. Yesterday we had a high of 64; today is supposed to be 76!! I am soooo ready for warm, sunny days. I feel like this has been one of the longest, darkest, coldest winters that I've had in many years. Dewey and I are wandering around, lost in our own personal fog of grief and longing, wondering where we go from here. I have this huge hole in my heart, and I feel like a bright light has gone out of my life. I am relieved that my Badger isn't suffering any more, and I smile when I 'see' him running with his little back and legs whole, his ears flying in the breeze, chasing those bugs. I am grateful that he isn't in pain any more. We will heal, and life goes on, but for now I dwell in a cold, dark place-- wondering where I was at as 12 years seemingly few by. Wondering how we capture and hold on to those precious moments in time, how to be more conscious of each moment...