Monday, April 20, 2009

The Morning After

See the worm in her mouth? You may have to enlarge to see it, but she's working hard to feed her babies. :) The irises are starting to bloom. I have a miniature peach iris that I took a photo of-- for another day. My phlox, starting to bloom and smelling oh so heavenly...the morning after this photo, not a bloom in sight. Clean cut. So who's the culprit? The bunnies? :/ We had rain yesterday. The ground had started to dry out again and was ready for a drenching. The pollen has been thick in the air, and allergies are running riot around here. This morning is so clean and fresh, the sun shining highlights on everything it touches. Mornings after rain are just so clean and beautiful.


Tabor said...

Angie, my phlox is not anywhere near blooming. Guess I will have to sprinkle rabbit repellent grains around? No robins here, but lots of worms.

Donna said...

I love mornings after a rain too! Your flowers are so pretty and the iris is one of my favorites, ours are not blooming yet.

I'm so happy the pollen will soon be over.


Carol said...

Bless her heart working so hard. Your flowers are just beautiful. Oh I love iris.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Angie, thank you for leaving such wonderful comments on my blogs... I so much appreciated them. I can see we share the love of animals and nature. I'll be visiting your blog often!
Best wishes,
Nan and =^..^=

meggie said...

I have never seen blue phlox before. Ours were always pink or white. Shame the rabbits find them so delicious!

Q said...

Mrs. Blue Bird is working so hard!
Exciting you have Blue Birds. I love them too!
My iris are just starting to bloom.
I am enjoying catching up with you and your gardens.

Anonymous said...