Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Computer Challenges

I've successfully spent the last four hours in getting the router to work on our computers. I would rather go to the dentist than have to figure computer 'inner-workings' out! However, I WAS successful and am now composing this new post on MY computer (which has been dialup only for the last 6+ years). :) Now, maybe I will be able to post more frequently, share photos with my family and friends more often, and just in general be more relaxed about time spent on the computer. We've been in the process of switching from satellite to DSL for the last several weeks, and I am so much happier with DSL than I EVER was with Hughes satellite. The Hughes tech support gang were probably as sick of me as I was (am) of them!!! :D Now, I'm downloading and installing Picassa for my photos. I tried it once (a long time ago) on Randy's computer and just about had heart failure because it sorted EVERYTHING (including CSA notes). Decided that would be way too involved to help him adjust to, so I just removed it. Now I'm excited to see if I will be happy with it for just my pictures. edited 8-5-09 Still have computer issues...get one problem solved, and create a whole slew of others. :/ I think I'll go back to 'BC' (before computers).


Elaine Adair said...

So, you think you DSL/computer woes are worse than VCR/DVD remote control woes????? mixed up with a bunch of DH woes???/ huh, huhhhhhm huh??? LOL

(Your photos today are lovely, BTW)

Angie said...

Oh girl, don't EVEN get me started!!!! ROFL 'If this country could send a man on the moon, then why didn't they send them all?'

Q said...

I have a son-in-love who is my tec support. Thank goodness!
I am so impressed that you are your own I.T. person..wow so cool.
Wonderful photos....
Is that a deer????

Hannah said...

Oh, girlfriend....I'm so glad you are in the DSL world and not Hughes' world anymore. I know it was a pain for ya'll. I'm proud that you have become a 'puter geek'. I think you will enjoy Picassa...that was one that was highly recommended at a tech workshop I was sent to a couple of years ago. We have GOT to get together. I'll probably need 'porch-on-the-lake-time' in a week or two after school gets rolling real good. We've got LOTS to catch up on. Of course, the front porch @ Gillenwater Manor is always open! Miss you bunches.
Hugs to you, Cpt. Randy, and critters.
Hannah Rose

Meggie said...

Your photos are really great!
I have an odd relationship with Picasa! LoL.