Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of my new butterfly bushes that I planted about a month ago has bestowed one large blossom to usher in Fall. :)
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Notes From Ships Landing

I made Marlee a little sweater :) ; 'little' being the key word here :) Isn't she just the cutest thing ever in it??? :D I cut the sleeve off of a fulled wool sweater, cut a couple of slits in the sides for her front legs, used the rib cuff of the sweater for her neck, and waaa laaa, a new Autumn sweater for the little one. :D She has such very short hair that she gets cold much quicker than either of the other three. Both she and Bayley are growing so faaassst! They continue to delight me (okay, so sometimes they infuriate me :/ but mostly 'delight' LOL) . Bayley has to get a bath today, not his favorite thing to do AT ALL, but with his long hair he will be getting bathed more often than the others. :( As you can see from the pictures, Bayley and Marlee are 'joined at the hip'. :) Dewey? well, he just tries to stay out of the way. Poor fella, he's still hanging in there. I love hearing the Belted Kingfisher. I hear him first, then I can locate him visually to capture a bit of his essence on camera. :) The pace is still fast and furious here at Ships Landing, but I do seem to be adjusting somewhat. :) I love the days getting shorter. We have a good supply of firewood stacked and ready for those chilly days and nights ahead. :) I love the change of seasons here in NE Tennessee, and I'm always ready when it's time for them to fade one into another. I've been bringing out bits and pieces of Autumn decor; a pumpkin wallhanging here, a stuffed pumpkin there, Autumn hand towels draped over the oven door handle, mulled cider candles burning. I do want to pick up a few real pumpkins and some more mums. I have started knitting a bit again, and I've even been doing some needleturn applique. Don't you just get a thrill from the chill in the air? :D