Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Acute Bronchitis

Randy got it first, was in the bed for the better part of three weeks. Two rounds of some of the really strong (read expensive) antibiotics, and he's gradually feeling better. I end up in a clinic Friday night...acute bronchitis, borderline pneumonia, a shot, antibiotics, etc. Sunday, feeling worse but not alarmed. Sunday night --- I can only remember a few times in my adulthood that I have been so sick. This cough is unlike anything I've ever had before. From what I've seen and heard from others who've been sick with it, it's this cough that's so wicked and hard to get rid of. Needless to say, nothing is being accomplished around here by moi. Letting the pups in and out is about all I can deal with right now. Ever the optimist, tho, I am feeling a bit better today. At least I did sleep last night. I didn't sleep at all on Sunday night, so I'm making progress. :) BTW, can you believe that I have blooms on my Azaleas, the Forsythia is budding again!, and it's the 3rd of November????? No global warming, huh???


Carol said...

Oh Angie...I'm so sorry to hear that you are sooooooo sick. Hope you're feeling better real soon. Sending lots of good thoughts and get well wishes.

Charlene said...

Bless, y'all. I've only had a 'touch' of it, and it was the pits!! Don't you think this strange weather has something to do with it? Get better soon. Charlene in SC

Tabor said...

I have missed the germs thus far and that includes several days of having small children sneeze and cough in my face or put their sticky fingers in my mouth! Hope you mend.

Mary said...

Hi Angie!

I hope you feel better real soon. There's a lot of crud going around down here, too. Be careful!

I've been away from blogging too long and have missed your new family - Marlee and Bayley! So cure! I'll bet it's noisy around the house now.

Your photos are fabulous. The grasshopper and those pink flowers that decorate the wire mesh fence made me catch my breath.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm trying to be a better blogger.


Shasta said...

I hope you feel better soon Angie. Being sick is no fun.

julieQ said...

Rest, get better...there are several people sick here at work, so hmmm, I am keeping a little distance!

Beemoosie said...

Angie I hope you are on the mend soon!!

Donna said...

Oh, Angie, get better soon! My daughter is sick right now with a really bad sore throat.

Great photos. Marlee and Bayley look so cute.

Take care,

Q said...

Hope you are much much better by now!
Thanksgiving is just around the corner....your pups are so cute!
Be well,

Meggie said...

I hope you are feeling much improved. We have been so lucky not to have had any infections this year.
Your dear little furbabies are adorable.

Elaine Adair said...

I was wondering where you were. For what it's worth, I was coughing HARD for almost 2 months, and M in my 3rd month of occasional unproductive coughs. But my DH never caught it - this version of flu, or whatever, is a stinker!!!

I am wishing you and Dh a return to great health! 8-)))

That corgi :) said...

thanks for visiting our blog; (a corgi in Southern California). sounds like you had a nasty virus! hoping the cough is gone by now. The picture of your dogs is just how Koda looks out our sliding door window, too cute!


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