Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cold but Beautiful Saturday

It's a gorgeous day here in TN...deceptively so with the sun shining so brightly. Makes one think that it's a warm Spring day, but the wind is chill, and I'm huddled up next to the woodstove. :) I've had some queries as to how Badger is doing. He's still hanging in there. The past few days he's been a bit worse in his disorientation, and I think his hearing is getting worse. He has a hard time following my voice and finding me now. In light of his not being able to 'find' me, I'm virtually tied to his small area of sensibility. His voice has changed so much, and when he can't 'find' me, he just sits and makes the saddest sound you've ever heard. I am more and more confined at home unless Randy is here. If he's home, I grab that opportunity to run out for groceries, meds, etc. However, nothing lasts for ever, and this won't either. His appetite, however, has not diminished one whit! He's a whopping 21 lbs. now, which presents another set of problems. His weight gain, and Dewey's serious walking issues, have me carrying BOTH of them in and out. Hence, my lower back issues have revved up into high gear. This is definitely not the 'fun' part of having pets, but I am grateful that they are small enough that I CAN pick them up. What would I do if they were larger dogs? Badger had adjusted quite well to his blindness, but he seems to be losing the ability to 'sense' that he's about to walk into furniture or corners that he's been able to avoid up until about three days ago. He breaks my heart by getting 'caught' in corners and he can't find his way out. He and Dewey both are having a hard time letting me know that they need to go out, so unless I pay constant attention and take them out every 2-3 hours, I'm washing floors. It's not an easy situation, but Badger still has too much life left for me to be able to make a decision to put him to sleep. If and when his pain level gets worse, then that would be the time for me to consider that. Until then, until I KNOW that he's ready to go, I will continue to take care of him and love him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Blanket of Goldfinches and Pine Siskins

It snowed---just enough to get me excited that it MIGHT snow. :) But oh my it was sooo pretty coming down, whiting out everything. I have NEVER seen so many goldfinches AND pine siskins (?) in one place!! They literally were a covering on the feeders and ground. I keep watching -- and waiting -- for those colorful birds of Winter to come visit me. I even put out a pan of apples and grapes---but I haven't seen even one new (Cardinal? Blue Jay? Junco? Chickadee?) feathered friend check it out. :( Ah, but I will keep trying, waiting, hoping, and maybe, just maybe one of these days.... The double-decker feeder with roof is a new one that my brother-in-law, Fred, made me for. Isn't it AWESOME!!! He also picked up some threaded pipe and flanges for me so I can mount a couple of others that I have sitting around waiting to be put into use. :) AND, I ordered some holly bushes that came last week. I am so excited I can hardly wait for the ground to thaw enough for me to plant them. Of course they came on the day of the COLDEST morning of the year. LOL

Monday, January 05, 2009

Belated Happy New Year!

No time to write right now but I'll be back soon with a Holiday and Badger update post. Hoping everyone had a wonderful Holiday,