Thursday, December 24, 2009


I've died the death of several ragdolls since Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Bayley jumped out of my arms when I brought him back inside after his bedtime potty trip. He took a really hard fall (and so did my heart); and I've just returned from UT Vet Clinic again. It is a true Christmas miracle---he suffered NO injuries and did no harm to his incision and/or the pin in his ulna. The orthopaedic surgeon said that he's healing really well, and he has also lost 1.2 lbs. :) My Christmas has just become perfect. Merry Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bayley Update

Bayley got to come home last night. He's doing really well so far. He will be strictly crated for the next two weeks, out only to do his business, then back in the crate. The stitches will come out in two weeks, and after that he will have a bit more restricted movement. They actually removed a piece of the ulnar bone (about 1/4") and inserted a pin in it to stabilize it until it can heal. This will be a lengthy recovery process, but hopefully, once he's fully healed from this, he will have a lot of good years to romp and play.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My precious Bayley is at Univ. of TN Vet School this a.m. and is scheduled for surgery on his little left front leg at 9:00 a.m. It seems his little elbow socket has problems. They called at Noon today to let me know that Bayley had come through the surgery really great, and that he was just coming out from under the anesthesia. It was a bit more extensive than they had initially thought it would be. They actually ended up having to remove a piece from the ulnar bone. The dr. said that the elbow moves much more freely now, and that he should feel so much better after he recovers from the surgery. He will probably get to come home on Thursday (day after tomorrow), depending on his pain levels. December 16, 2009---Bayley is in a lot of pain this a.m. so he will probably not come home until at least tomorrow. He's having trouble bearing any weight on that leg...and hasn't learned yet how to walk without using it at least some. My poor little fella, I just hate that he has to go through this, but hopefully he will be MUCH better for it in the long run.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! :)

Tis the Season for rushing, hurrying, scurrying...I KNOW that's what I've been doing since before Thanksgiving, and starting the day afterward, I think, the pace kicked up another couple of notches. I don't deal well with rushing. :/ I feel like I have so many bits and pieces of myself scattered about, hither and yon, that they will NEVER all be gathered into some semblance of order again. :/ It has taken the better part of at least two months for me and Randy to begin to feel like we just might be getting over this bronchitis mess that we've both been battling. And let me tell you, I am so HAPPY to feel half way well!!! :) I have scattered bits of Christmas throughout the house, and I do have my Charlie Brown artificial tree up this year. I do adore this tree, but I think I will never NOT want a 'real' tree. This year I opted for my CB tree because these pups think anything that looks, smells or feels like wood is a gourmet treat just for them. :D I could just envision this bald tree standing here all forlorn while we are in the vet's office trying to figure out what to do when pups eat tons of Frazier Fir needles. LOL We chose the safer route this year. They do keep me on my toes! :)