Sunday, January 31, 2010

6+ Inches of Snow!

We finally got some snow!!!! :) I have put a link to my Snapfish photo albums for anyone interested in snow and/or bird pictures. :) And we didn't lose our power! :) And BOTH computers are working again (after being out of commission, more than not, the last two months) :). I have spent hours outside, toes numb, fingers warmed by constantly refilled coffee mug, camera in hand. I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed this snowfall!! The birds have been such a delight. Mostly goldfinches and pine siskins, and I have some resident sparrows that make me smile. I did have a Juncoe this morning! :) Unfortunately I had Bayley out to do his business and didn't have the camera. I'm hoping she/he will come back so I can get a picture. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bayley Update

We got Bayley back to UT Vet School on Wednesday. He's doing really great...the way the space between the two bone pieces is filling in is amazing! The biggest problem is that the pin is migrating out of the bone a bit. They would like it to stay in place another 4 weeks; that means he has to be restricted another 4 weeks. That is tough on a puppy, but he's cooperating. :) If we can all just hang in there for another few weeks, hopefully he will be ready to run and romp with Marlee when Spring arrives. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Good Ole' Days

I haven't been off of the place since last Wednesday (a week ago). I made it fine until yesterday then I really started feeling like I had been locked up in a cage with 3 dogs (two of which are invalids right now) and one cat. I've been banging my head against a wall with the computers for the whole week too. Don't know what lessons the Gods think I need to learn this time, and I know He's busy, but it would really be appreciated if he would check back in to see how I'm doing. A little break would be nice right about now. :) Oh, and the snow has covered my road again this a.m. :/ The computer guy was trying to get to the house yesterday afternoon to work on the computers and ended up in a ditch. Randy had to go pull him out, turn him around, and send him back to Kingsport, so no, we didn't get the computers fixed yet. I'm TRYING to use dial-up---remember THAT??? I bet Adam won't head this way again to look at our computers until the Spring thaw. *sigh* Bayley is doing GREAT. He has his 4-week checkup and x-ray scheduled in Knoxville tomorrow but I'm sure I'll have to reschedule that too for the Spring thaw. :/

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

The Holidays have flown quick as a wink. Bayley is improving daily; he really is doing so well. I'm grateful. Wishing all of us a peaceful, healthy, contented New Year in 2010.