Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of February 2010

So, I just had my 54th birthday, and my friend asked me what I would like to accomplish in this new year. I'm sure I gave her an answer without putting much thought, at the time, into it. Having had the question to haunt the nether regions of my feeble little brain, and finding myself focusing on it more and more, I decided to put into words what jumps to the forefront of my mind.......To live even more in the moment, to pull each moment on like a snuggly sweater and revel in just that moment, one by one, as each of them fly so quickly past that I feel like this must be like what it would be to hang-glide. To breathe in tension, frustration, negativity, transform it, and exhale more light, peace and harmony. To learn more~~about me and what is important to me~~ to walk more gently, treading more lightly, leaving smaller and smaller 'footprints'~~learning how to harvest and treasure more the things in life that delight me~~family, friends, pets, birds, critters from the woods; to plant and grow more, and destroy less

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Yesterday was such a beautiful warm day that I had to just go outside with the camera and capture a picture of my little Chickadee who is venturing closer and closer to the house feeder. The Bluebirds finally returned from their Bermuda, they don't normally wander quite so far on their Winter vacation but this January and February have been so cold they just locked up the condos and flew. :)