Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Black-eyed Susies have been gorgeous this year. They haven't seemed to mind the heat and drought. We've had some very interesting moths show up this Summer. Each year that we've lived here at the lake, each season has brought different critters to our attention. They are each unique, and I've gathered quite a collection of photos of 'UFOs'. :) The heat and humidity have been so very bad this Summer (and Spring too, for that matter) that the most that the pups have been able to do is lie on the porch and dream about chasing the geese and rabbits around the yard. Thank goodness for our porch. :)


Carol said...

Beautiful pictures...look at those pups...they're just ready to take off after something at a moments notice...let us go mom...pleeeeze! LOL!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love your photos, and especially the ones of your furry babies! :) It's been brutally hot here too!

Meggie said...

I expect we will be in for a very hot humid summer too. Right now it is just the beginning of Spring and is lovely and crisp so far.

Donna said...

I love black-eyed-susans, Angie. Yours look so pretty! The pups look so cute lounging on the porch. Otis and Riley have been doing the same, however, we've been getting some early morning walks in.


Q said...

I love seeing your photographs of the moths and butterflies...gorgeous.
For compost tea we used a recipe from the internet that called for a cup of syrup. I think my husband is going to make another batch. The asters responded so well to his tea.
Happy Autumn.