Saturday, November 06, 2010

Best Kind of Day

This has been one of those best kinds of days when I've been able to pack in some of most of the things I love to do most.  Now, if I can do a bit of sewing sometime before my head hits the pillow for the night, it will have been pretty close to perfect.  :) 

Our laptop is parked on the table by the kitchen window so I can look out and watch the birds feed or bathe or dream about prowling through the woods here behind the house.  But not much time for that early this a.m.  I had just turned it on, gotten the pups outside and back in, grabbed my first cup of coffee and plunked myself down in from of the laptop---when my sister called to see if it was snowing here cuz it was where she lives (only 45 min from my house).  She WAS NOT happy to see that beautiful white stuff yet---she tends to get a bit testy over even just a few flurries :D, and she was REALLY out of sorts when I told her the sun was shining here and that I had not seen even a speck of white.  LOL  Well, the sun WAS shining at that time.  :)  By 9 a.m. the skies were overcast, and no sun to be seen for the rest of this day.

We chatted quite a while about unidentified plants, and birds, and cameras, and weather, and we decided to share pictures with each other (she asking if I could identify a particular plant---and nope, I couldn't name this one), me just because we were trying different settings on our cameras.  We both have the same Kodak.

Once we were off the phone, I headed outside for a piece of wood for the fire, got totally side-tracked and ended up spending the majority of the day with transplanting shrubs and such from containers into the ground.  I only made a couple of pit stops inside for coffee refills until about 3:30 p.m.  I really did get a lot of planting done, and I even hauled more wood around to the porch.  The weather forecast for tonight is a hard freeze warning, so I wanted to have plenty of wood close by for tonight and in the morning.  This woodstove really has me so spoiled.  I love being able to come inside out of the cold and wind and snuggle up to the stove.  :D

The wind is getting up now.  I would have thought it was too cold for the Sparrows to bathe, but evidently not, because I've been sitting here watching them bathe and preen.  :)  Guess one needs his weekly bath on a Saturday night now matter what, huh?  LOL  They provide me with endless entertainment.  :)  There are bunches of Mourning Doves, Finches, and Sparrows at the baths and feeders right now, along with another one of my most favorite little birds, the Carolina Wren.  I have been thrilled the last couple of weeks to have that little wren here.  :)  They are so sweet.


Carol said...

Sounds like an absolutely PERFECT day! Love your birds!

Finn said...

Your post reminds me of lyrics from an old song that goes "when you come to the end of a perfect day...". Don't know the rest, but I believe you have had a most perfect day *VBS*
It all sounds delightful, from the first cup of coffee to the snuggling by the warm wood stove!
Those snow flurries will come, but not just yet..right?? *VBS* Hope you found some time and energy to stitch, but I'll bet all that fresh air and exercise put you right to sleep. Sweet dream sweetie, big hugs, Finn

Donna said...

Angie, it does sound like the perfect day...doing the things you love. It's funny, sometimes I go outside to do one thing and end up out there for hours too.

A cozy warm fire sounds perfect. We had frost last night. It's cold!

Enjoy your day!