Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's a frosty 24 degrees this morning.  Had to hustle to get the fire stoked back up and the birds fed.  I forgot to empty the birdbath last night and it was frozen solid.  I hope it doesn't crack.  My birdbath heater keeps kicking the outside breaker.  Don't know what's up with that.  It did it last season too.  I have to have water for my birds.  I took hot water out for the bath for now.  I'll have to check it again in a bit, it will freeze over again.

What kind of bird is this?

These two are IN TROUBLE, can you tell?  They slipped off and are hot-footing it back home.  :)

Gorgeous Thanksgiving bouquet from my dear friend, Flannie

Paperwhites tossed from last Winter are blooming

We've finished up the leftovers.  Now it's time to gather up the pumpkins and turkeys and move on  to snowmen, Santas and Christmas trees.  I feel like I'm in a time warp, and I just can't seem to get my mind wrapped around the fact that it truly is, once again, THIS time of year.  It's scary, really, at how fast time is racing by.  Way too fleet of foot for my plodding mind.  Seems I'm always BEHIND, struggling to catch up somehow.  Never enough time to just immerse myself in things that I love---like being lost in wonder and awe in these breathtakingly, stop-you-in-your- tracks BEAUTIFUL sunsets that we've had lately, watching the birds and their antics, playing with fabric in front of a roaring fire, pups snuggled up beside me or having a wrestling match at my feet.  How do all of you bloggers out there get so much sewing and quilting done...capture exquisite photos of the birds and creatures, and still have gorgeous houses and gardens that look like they should be in House and Garden magazine?  ..........    I think a MAID will be at the top of my Christmas list to Santa this year.  :)


Tabor said...

Well I don't quilt or sew and was so proud of myself for finishing them mending that had been in a pile for months, that my sewing machine will now be abandoned. I think that red bird is a house finch. They are so lovely...the males a rich red.

Julie Fukuda said...

My sister-in-law sends me a subscription to "Birds and Blooms" and I can't help thinking your pictures should be in there. When I see these and hear your description I want to be right there too. Maybe the cold winter would not be so bad with birds and a warm house.

Carol said...

Angie you take the BEST pictures...did the pups tell you about their adventure?

Donna said...

Angie, I had to laugh when I saw the photo of the pups! So cute. Beautiful pictures. I just came in from feeding the birds. It's a bit warmer today and I still have flowers blooming. Hard to decorate for Christmas when it doesn't seem like it.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


Mrs.P said...

I love your blogging and your pictures, looks to me like you have way too much time for fun...but alas tomorrow is dec first and time is steamrolling over me too...funny how it does that? How are you? Hows your heart? Dont forget to do all the special things that make it Christmas, ♥ U

carolina said...

Now,thats more like it...words to match the photos:):) I am envious of the gorgeous sunsets. I get just a peek out my kitchen window and each time say "someone really got a sunset this evening". Purple finch or ?? he is handsome.

Enjoyed our visit today and so glad the knee feels better:)


Anonymous said...

Love that Santa!

Mary said...

I'm ready to toss the leftovers out. Time does seem to race so fast any more. I wish I really did get a lot of sewing done, but the cold makes me lethargic and I seem to accomplish very little....and so much to do! Love your photos. Took me a bit to figure out which is your main blog :-)