Monday, November 15, 2010

Holidays Rushing Toward Me and I'd rather be ...

watching the birds, playing with the pups, watching the mist rise over the lake in the mornings, watching the sunsets at the end of day, puttering in the yard, quilting...Maybe I should bypass Turkey decorations and go for the Christmas decorations.  I get further behind each year.  I've always insisted on paying unshared attention to Thanksgiving---but at this point in my life I'm beginning to think that I may have to let my principle slide here and combine the two.  :)  Something to ponder as I avoid my daily chores---once again.  :->

Morning Mist


Who is this little bird?

Bayley is ready for a nap

Quilting progress

Who is this?

Breathtaking sunset



orchidlover said...

Some stunning photos.

Luckily we don't do Thanksgiving over here so we don't have the added pressure around this time of the year. The stress leading up to Christmas is enough for me

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...
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Evonne said...

Hey girl! How are you doing? Haven't heard from you in a while! Hope all is well there! Miss and love ya!

Donna said...

We're going away for Thanksgiving this year so not much decorating here (no cooking either!). I not ready to think about Christmas yet....

Great photos, Angie. The pups are adorable!


Finn said...

hey sweetie, what great pics!! Love the pups! soooooo cute! and what fun to see your work on the chair behind one of them Marlee I think.
The quilting looks awesome, what a lot of work that is...but it will look so great when finished.
And as for holidays? I'd say take the easy route, life's too short to stress about a day...period! Sending big hugs, Finn

Carol said...

Great pictures! I've become a big fan of "Do whatever makes you happy...ENJOY" Life's too short!

Sug said...

Awesome photos, Seester. Especially like the mist over water and the sunset. Could that be an American Kestrel?? Sug

Julie Fukuda said...

You caught the eye of an avid birder.
The quilting is really intensive. Will you do the entire background?

Anonymous said...

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