Saturday, March 06, 2010

What a BEAUTIFUL Morning

even though it's only 25 deg. :) The birds are loving the early morning sunshine. So am I. I feel like I haven't seen a sunrise in forever! Yesterday was the first morning I watched the sun top the ridge in months. I accomplished absolutely NOTHING yesterday because I ran in and out all day just to feel the sunlight on my face. :) I took Bayley and Marlee for their first walk together since the beginning of December. Homer Kitty even tagged along for the walk (and spent the night out...still isn't home--I do hope he's okay). It was so much fun. Only a short one. I didn't want to overdo it with Bayley. He is doing so well--knock on wood--and the forecast promised another beautiful day for today, so I wanted to be able to let them outside to play a bit today too. :) They are so much fun to be with now that Bayley is just about recovered from his leg surgery. This has been a LONG, COLD, HARD Winter here at Ships Landing, and we are ALL ready for sunshine and budding nature. :)