Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

The Cardinals finally came to visit me on the tail end of 2010 and I was delighted. 
The sweet Junco flits almost as quickly as the Carolina Wren and Chickadee.
The Carolina Wren has been hanging out at Ships Landing, and even had a mate one day, doubling my delight.
  The sweet, little Chickadee has been to visit this past week, but he's so very quick I've spent the week trying to capture his picture, and FINALLY caught him today.  Adorable little bird.  
They all make me smile.

May this New Year of 2011 be full of wonder and delight.


Jayne said...

I have a Carolina Wren singing outside my window at this very moment Angie. I love them! And yes, those Chickadees are so hard to photograph. Hope your New Year is filled with joy and discovery!

Tabor said...

Birds do bring delight in the cold of winter.

Donna said...

I had three bright red cardinals at my bird feeder this morning, Angie. I love watching the birds.

Happy New Year, my friend!


Mary said...

I have a pair of Carolina Wrens on my front porch and I love them!

Angie, keep blogging in 2011. I hope to catch up.


Nancy said...

I just love your bird photos!! Birdwatching is something I have enjoyed for years, and can recognize most just by hearing their song.