Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You, Everyone

The second Civil War block of Barbara Brackman's

Beautiful sunset last night

The morning was GORGEOUS---the trees across the lake had Hoar Frost on them

Any one out there know what kind of tree this is?

The tree in the forefront is the trunk of the photo before this one       THANK YOU TO ALL O F YOU FOR YOUR CARING COMMENTS ON THE CAR ACCIDENT.  THEY ARE SINCERELY APPRECIATED.


Jayne said...

Dang, I am so bad with trees. No clue.

Hoping that the bruises, mental and physical, will heal soon. Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

silverlight said...

that tree just 'might' be, a japanese
magnolia. the flowers appear before the leaves.
but, if it's out in the desert, I have no clue.

Meggie said...

I am almost sure that is a type of Magnolia. Do the blossoms smell heavenly? If so, it is probably Magnolia. I love them.
It does seem so strange to see the frost and snow, while we are soooo hot and sweltering in the heat!